Moshi ClearGuard and iVisor Pro Review

Two MacBook accessories can protect your screen, reduce glare, protect your keyboard and protect against spills while using the new 12-inch MacBook.

Moshi iVisor Pro is an anti-glare screen protector that fits MacBook perfectly, and Moshi ClearGuard is an incredibly thin keyboard case for MacBook.

sells moshi ClearGuard for $24.95 and iVisor Pro for $34.95. You do not need to use the two accessories together, but it is possible.

Moshi iVisor Pro Review

Moshi iVisor Pro makes it easy to work in hard light.

The Moshi iVisor Pro is the best MacBook accessory I’ve ever used. With the anti-glare cover attached, I can use the MacBook in a car much more easily than before.

The Moshi iVisor Pro’s design does not stick the shield to the screen, making it easy to install. The black edges of the iVisor Pro stick to the bezels of the MacBook display. It is easy to adjust as needed while wearing the screen protector.

Once installed, the display is noticeably easier to use outdoors or in a sunny room. I routinely use the MacBook in a car and the iVisor Pro is a lifesaver. In addition to keeping the screen safe and eliminating most of the glare, I’ll find that it also prevents the screen from blinding a driver.

I haven’t had to remove it yet, but you can remove it and wash it to remove any dirt or dust and then reapply.

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Moshi Clearguard Review

The Moshi Clearguard is a slim MacBook keyboard cover that fits perfectly, looks nice, and protects the keys from abrasions or spills.

The Moshi Clearguard is a thin and well-fitting keyboard cover, but it's not something I'll use for long.

The Moshi Clearguard is a thin and well-fitting keyboard cover, but it’s not something I’ll use for long.

Overall this is a well made accessory that can add protection to the MacBook keys as well as the interior if you spill something on it, but it’s not something I can use long term.

This is a very thin and snug-fitting MacBook keyboard cover, but like any cover, it changes the tactile feel of typing on a Macbook. The backlight works well from the cover and you can wash it if you get the cover dirty.

This is already a shallow keyboard and I realized I needed to type a little harder with the lid in place. This combination makes longer typing sessions less comfortable than not using one.

Users who need protection against spills, paint or other materials will enjoy what this keyboard has to offer, but it is not an accessory I would use every day.

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