Apple will have to rely on iPhone 15 to boost its falling sales

Last quarter, Apple’s finances were still strong with revenue. $94.8 billionis largely due to the success of the iPhone 14. But now that the wave of popularity of the smartphone is behind us, the company’s results for the third quarter are necessarily less significant, albeit dantesk. He touched the company as of July 1, 2023. 81.8 billion dollars.

Beyond a nice drop from the previous quarter, above all a drop from 2022, a 1.4% lower result. In reality, it is the entire piece of hardware from the manufacturer that disappoints. iPhone, Macs and iPads reported respectively $39.67 billion, $6.84 billion, and $5.79 billionfigures are systematically half the level of the previous year.

Hardware part burdens Apple, services save it

However, all is not black for Apple, which has managed to excel in an entirely different field: services. Indeed, the Cupertino company is proud to announce that it has finally surpassed it. one billion subscribers On all platforms, including Apple TV and Apple Music. It can also count on the launch of the iPhone 15, which should take place on September 13 to boost its results.

But the manufacturer does not intend to put all its products in one – especially since demand will theoretically be weaker than the iPhone 14. Instead, it invests heavily in research. $22.61 billion This year. Tim Cook himself says this: The next challenge for the company is in artificial intelligence, an area where there are already some ideas for improving Siri, specifically. Finally, the company will be able to count on the Vision Pro helmet, which will be marketed early next year, to increase its sales.

Source : Apple

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