Apple doesn’t know what to do with its working iPhones anymore, so it destroys them instead of recycling them

apple iphone recycling

Every year, Apple positions itself in a way Leader on the subjects environmental responsibility. Company highlights efforts to achieve success Carbon neutrality by 2030. Reports released for Earth Day suggest significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a reduction of more than 100,000. 55% since 2015. However, information released by Bloomberg reveals the company’s recycling practices. Darken this green image.

The survey shows that several iPhonehad to be recycled, it actually existed destroyed despite them good operation. This is because Apple has advanced recycling technologies, including the Liam and Daisy robots designed to disassemble devices. minimize waste.

An Apple partner reportedly resold nearly 100,000 iPhones rather than recycling them

The scandal broke after an audit at GEEP, one of Apple’s Canadian partners in the recycling of smartphones. The audit revealed that almost 100,000 unitsespecially iPhones directed And Sold instead of dismantling to save its parts. This case arises flaws important for the safety and effectiveness of recycling process. And, most of all, it exposes the company to a conflict between its business practices and its clearly stated environmental goals.

In response to this situation, Apple have an ax to grind He opposed GEEP and even demanded compensation $22 million – about 20 million euros – to compensate for losses resulting from these shortcomings. More broadly, the scandal is encouraging the company to review and improve its monitoring and control practices across its subcontractor chains. It is vital that the company strengthens these mechanisms to prevent future disputes; This is crucial to maintain its reputation as a player committed to protecting the environment.

Source : Bloomberg

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