Streaming PREMIERE: Star Plus receives unmissable animes in its catalog

O StarPlusknown for its wide selection of films, hit series and documentaries, also reserves special content for anime lovers.

If you are passionate about this genre, know that streaming belonging to Disney invested significantly in this area, bringing a variety of titles ranging from classics to exclusive releases in Brazil.

Recent productions include engaging anime that promise to capture your attention and transport you to worlds full of adventure, action and emotion.

Furthermore, the option to watch dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese offers a personalized experience for each viewer.

‘Phoenix: Eden 17’ – an epic journey through the universe

Based on Osamu Tezuka’s manga, ‘Phoenix’, this adaptation transports viewers to the planet Eden 17, where Romi and George face unimaginable challenges.

After escaping a devastated Earth, they find themselves in a new world, full of life and danger. An emotional journey towards redemption and the search for a lost home.

‘Synduality Noir’ (Season 2) – survival in a post-apocalyptic world

In the year 2242, after a catastrophe global, humanity takes refuge underground. With the help of the artificial intelligence Magus, people try to return to the surface, but face constant threats from the Eliminators.

A futuristic plot full of action and suspense that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

‘Ishura’ – the battle for the crowning of the supreme hero

Released simultaneously on Star Plus and Japan, ‘Ishura’ tells the story of demigods who challenge the power of the Demon King.

With unique abilities and distinct personalities, the group faces powerful enemies and internal conflicts on an epic quest for supremacy. A narrative full of magic, adventure and rivalry.

‘Undead Unluck’ – in search of the ‘perfect death’

Fuko Izumo, known for her bad luck, finds an unlikely partner in Andy in her quest for ultimate death.

Together, they join an organization to face unknown threats, uncover mysteries and achieve their goals. An engaging story that mixes action, comedy and a touch of supernatural.

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With so many exciting options available, Star Plus subscribers can get ready to dive into incredible adventures and explore new universes, without leaving the comfort of their homes.