Loki’s incredible powers that the MCU hasn’t shown yet

O Loki of the MCU is quite different from the version that many know from the comics. Although he has become a more charismatic character and closer to the heroes, Loki has not yet demonstrated the fullness of his abilities. powers in the MCU. Discover some abilities that he has in the comics, but that have not yet been presented on screen.

5 Loki powers you probably don’t know about

Image: Website Boletim Nerd/ Reproduction

1. Deserving of Mjolnir

In the comics, Loki became worthy of wielding the hammer Mjolnir in a surprising turn of events. While other characters have been able to do it in the MCU, like Thor and Hela, it’s interesting to think that Tom Hiddleston’s version could also have this secret ability.

2. Able to fly with magic

Loki also flies using his magic. However, in the MCU, we saw the character using this power in a limited way. It would be exciting to see Loki defying gravity like he does in his comic book stories.

3. Transfer of powers

One of her most powerful magical abilities is transferring power to other people, which has not yet been shown in the MCU. He can temporarily grant his abilities to others or even enhance his own powers. Another intriguing facet of character which certainly deserves to be explored on screen.

4. Deal with Death

In the comics, Loki made a deal with several incarnations of Death, becoming practically immortal. Although he has died a few times in the MCU, the story behind this deal with Death has yet to be explored. This could add deep layers to the character.

5. The Norn Stones

The Norn Stones are powerful Asgardian relics that allow travel between dimensions. Although they haven’t been mentioned in the MCU, these stones have the potential to trigger intriguing and unpredictable events if they are changed in Loki’s story.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, there are hope that Loki can finally show the full extent of his power. Until then, we will continue to closely monitor the facets of this God of Mischief in his future appearances.

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