YouTube: How to create GIFs from a video using the new integrated tool

Google is making a few big changes to YouTube. Among them, the firm is testing Create a GIF from an online video. The file thus obtained can be easily shared on social networks or elsewhere. It’s a long-awaited idea that, when applied to all YouTube videos, should in the short run upend internet users’ use!

For the moment the experiment seems to be only about one YouTube channel, but the tool is already well integrated and perfectly usable by everyone, as we will see in our little tutorial with a practical example to explain our word.

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How to Easily Create a GIF from a YouTube Video

  • Visit YouTube channel PBS Idea Channelcurrently the only one compatible with this new possibility.
  • Click “Share” as if you want to post the video on a social network.
  • Then click on the GIF to explore it all new interface dedicated to creating… GIFs!
Youtube and GIF creation, tutorial
  • Then select your favorite episode on the displayed timeline. this can not be exceed 6 secondsThat’s a good average time for an animated GIF.
  • Feel free to add text above or below. This will be displayed in an imposed font on the screen and will appear directly in the video preview on the right.
  • All you have to do is “create gifTo appreciate the result.
YouTube and GIF creation, how-to

And voila, you can already be proud of your legendary work. Now let’s wish Google would generalize its GIF tool to all YouTube videos on the famous streaming platform. The test is final here anyway, and we’re already dreaming share the best moments from a LOLCats movie. Happiness (or fear, depending on the situation)!

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One last question remains, the question of rights. So the possibility of creating GIFs according to the goodwill of the uploader is allowed or denied, but nothing is less certain. Status to follow. In the meantime, feel free to join us Moyens I/O YouTube channel to find All our videos on Android and more.

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