Verizon Will Start Tracking Your Mobile Information, Here’s How To Stop It

Verizon customers beware, the carrier has started sending customers emails in the past few days notifying them that privacy policy changes are on the way. Central to this change is Big Red’s plan to begin tracking mobile information from those who use devices on its network.

In the email, Big Red says it plans to start tracking things like URLs you visit, apps you tamper with, and the location of you and your device.

In addition to all of these, Verizon plans to take a look at:

1. Information about your use of Verizon products and services (such as data and call capabilities, device type and quantity)
2. Demographic and interest categories provided to us by other companies, such as gender, age range, sports enthusiast, frequent eater or pet owner.

You can read about policy changes Here If you did not receive the email.

What will he do with the information he collects? Well, he plans to use that information to create business and marketing reports, business and marketing reports for other companies, and to make mobile ads better to be more ‘relevant’.

Obviously, this policy change will not please customers. At least there’s something those of you at Verizon can do about it. You can disable it right now.

if head Here, you will need to log in first, you should be redirected to a page where you can opt out of two parts. You will want to exit the first section, click save. Next, you’ll want to go back and disable the second option and hit the save button. Next, you’ll want to enter and exit the third section and click save. One of them is quite well hidden in the middle.


Once this is taken care of, you’re done and Verizon will no longer track your mobile activity.

I want to be able to say that I am really surprised by this shoddy act, but frankly, I am not. Not the slightest.

Via: Droid-Life

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