Should you kill or save Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West?

Choosing to save or kill Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West is a pretty late game choice and it’s not clear what it does. After a battle in the Wings of the Ten quest, you will be given three options. However, one of the options is distracting, leaving you with the option of rescuing Regalla with the dialogue “There’s another war here” and killing her by saying “Your life ends here”.

The main difference between letting him live and killing him is that if he lives, he will accompany you in the game’s final mission during the attack on the Zeniths. It’s a largely symbolic gesture that adds more visual flair than changes anything. But if you kill him, you get the bow – Regalla’s Wrath, which might actually be more worth it. At least you get something tangible.

Regalla acts as one of the game’s biggest villains, and there’s something pretty upsetting about things when you discover exactly what’s going on behind the scenes in Horizon Forbidden West. So let’s go into a little more detail about the two options:

Save Regalla

If you choose to save Regalla, you will ask her to join the fight against the Zeniths. While most people are skeptical about his loyalty, Hekarro states that he is always true to his word.

Regalla agrees to fight because attacking Zeniths is a warrior’s death and is better than being extinguished in the Arena. He then escorts your crew back to base and joins your attack on the Zeniths for the final mission, Singularity.

He then dies in the final attack and gets the death of the warrior he wanted.

kill Regalla

If you decide to kill Regalla, her story ends here. Before you can move, Kotallo pierces her with his spear and she dies in the middle of the sentence. This does two things: First, nothing happens when you cross the area where he will not appear in the final battle and would die if he were alive.

Second, and more useful, you get his bow – Regalla’s Wrath. This is actually an incredibly powerful sniper bow (think sniper) that can single-shot some small machines. So, even though cold-blooded murder may sound counterintuitive to Aloy, it’s actually the route that works best for you here.

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