Clash of Clans Gem Boost Arrives for its 3rd Anniversary

The major updates to Clash of Clans last month provided some of the biggest changes to the game in years, and today another Clash of Clans update has arrived, giving users the option of popular gem power-ups. start today Users get full resource boost for an entire week for just one gem.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in history, with millions of downloads and players on Android and iOS, and this week the game turns three. To celebrate their third birthday or 3rd anniversary, the developers are giving back to players who make the game a success.

The game just keeps getting better as the developers constantly update Clash with more features, additional options, new attack strategies and new troops, and now anyone can double their gold, elixir and dark elixir for a week to keep the excitement going. Read on for more details.

With Clash of Clans, players can enjoy everything this game has to offer absolutely for free, but there are in-game purchases (optional) called gems. Users earn gems by taking small boxes on their maps, cutting trees or rocks, or completing achievements. These gems can then be used to support resource gatherers, finish upgrades early, and much more.

Alternatively, much like Clash of Clans makes a lot of money, players can also purchase gems in-game to save millions of dollars for massive upgrades like X-bows or hell towers. I mostly use gems to complete upgrades on my King and Queen, as they are crucial to attack strategies.

In the past, on rare occasions, developers would allow players to use a gem to double the speed of resource gatherers all day long. This usually means that players can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold, elixir and dark elixir. This allows troops to be upgraded, more buildings and walls to be upgraded.

Usually we rarely see these spikes and only last a few days. Users can spend one gem for each gold, elixir or dark elixir drill that will double its output for 24 hours. This is something everyone loves, including me. On the other hand, it also means that while reinforcements continue, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in loot to be stolen from the bases during the attack.

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But today, to celebrate Clash of Clans’ three-year anniversary, the developers are presenting the best gem boost in gaming history. Instead of one gem that supports a collector all day, each gem will boost collectors for an entire week. Yes, a whole week for a gem. This is huge.

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From today until August 7th, players will receive double the resources if they want to spend some money on gems or save some money on cutting trees or achieving in-game objectives. I went ahead and started the boost myself and will enjoy all the loot that can be stolen for the rest of the week. Remember to log in often and clear your collectors or they’ll fill up fast.

Basically, for a tall player with Town Hall level 10, 17 gems is enough to double the production of seven gold mines, seven elixir collectors, and three dark elixir drills. It’s time to start building tons of archers and barbarians in hopes of raiding a few foragers and earning millions of dollars. This is the biggest boost I’ve seen since I started playing Clash and the fun will continue until August 7th. Enjoy.

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