Photo Directory: How to easily share files between iPhone, Android smartphones and Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a beta feature exclusive to Windows 10 operating system. This allows to change image type files from an iPhone or Android smartphone using Wi-Fi network. User must use Photos Companion application published by Microsoft on its website. AppStore and Google Play Store. The company Redmond takes its example from Apple’s Airdrop system, which is surprisingly easy and lets you share content from the Photos, Safari or People apps.

Photos Companion lets you share files between iPhone or Android smartphone and Windows 10

With a Mac or iPhone, it is possible to exchange files wirelessly very easily thanks to the Airdrop function. In seconds, a user can transfer content from one device to another from Apple media without using cables or online storage systems or crossing social networks. An extremely practical feature that is one of the most important assets for users of the Apple environment. But Windows environment users had nothing to easily exchange files with their smartphones until now.

Since Thursday, February 15, Microsoft has released the Photo Companion app on the AppStore and Google Play Store. Available on smartphones and tablets, this mobile app is linked to the Windows 10 Photos app. Then a few photos can be sent from the mobile device to the computer using a QR code over the Wi-Fi network. That’s it, unfortunately. Therefore, the user cannot share file types other than pictures or photos between his mobile device and computer.

How to easily share files with Photos Companion

You need to download the Photos Companion app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Both mobile phone and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The feature is still in beta on PC, so it must be manually enabled by the user for it to be available. To do this, you must go to the settings of the Windows 10 Photos application and enable the option ” Help Microsoft test mobile import over Wi-Fi functionality “.

  • click import (1) in the upper-right corner of the Photos app in Windows 10
  • choose option from mobile network over Wi-Fi (2nd)
Windows 10 Pictures
  • Launch the Photos Companion app on your mobile and select the option to post some pictures
  • Scan the QR code on your computer screen
  • Select one or more images to transfer from your mobile phone to your computer
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So we are still far from Apple’s Airdrop system, but we must admit that this is the first step towards a solution for Windows without cables or online storage systems. Also, note that for iPhone users, the app is responsible for converting images to .jpg format so that they are supported by Windows 10.