How to view the Android version of your smartphone and install the update?

For check android version number Available on your smartphone or tablet, it’s pretty simple. You don’t need to install any apps, the system provides a small feature to view the version installed on your device by default. It also offers a fast and efficient way to update your smartphone, without having to get your hands dirty. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Android 10, Android 11 or Android 12: the process is always the same. However, it may vary from one manufacturer to another. Here’s how.

How To Check The Android Version Of Your Phone Or Tablet?

  • Launch the app from your Android smartphone or tablet Settings. This is often symbolized by a small cogwheel.
  • Scroll down the page that just opened.
  • It all depends on the model of smartphone you are using. over pixel eg from Google, click on systemThen Advanced Settings. Then system update. You should find the titled functions. Android Version and Security patch levelit will inform you about the Android version installed and the latest security patch it is subject to.
    Android Pixel Update

  • on smartphone Huaweialways from functions Settings > System updatesthis time you’ll have to go Software update. You should find the version number of the EMUI overlay there. As for the information about the installed Android version, Settings > about the phone. If you scroll down this page you should also find the date of the last security update there.
  • on devices against Where real meessentially the same thing: you have to go Settings > Software update from the main menu.
  • On Samsung smartphones and OneUI overlay, Settings > about the phone > Software Information.
  • If you are using a smartphone asusclick Settings > system > system update.
  • On a Xiaomi-branded device, navigate to: Settings > About the device.
  • constructive Lenovo by the way, had a good idea to integrate a small shortcut. app drawer gives you access to the update check. Otherwise, go Settings > My phone > system update.

How to do Android update and security update of your smartphone?

  • Regardless of the brand of your device, when an update is ready to be installed on your smartphone, a message in the notification bar informs you about it. There isn’t much to do other than download and install the update.
  • If you are not offered any updates, you can try to “force” its installation on your smartphone or smartphone. To do this, go to: Settingsthen click system. To start Advanced Settings and click on system update.
  • Again, the location of this option may vary depending on the model of the smartphone you have. Look at the various operations described above, the operations to be performed are the same.
    Android Update Available

  • Finally, you will also need check for security updates from time to time from your smartphone. For Pixels, this option is located at: Settings > Security > security update. Click on it to get and install the latest update.
  • Last step: since then Settings > Security > security updateclick Google Play system update To verify that you are using the latest version of Google Play and if this is not the case, force the installation.
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