How to Watch the Vice President Debate on iPhone, iPad and Android

Tonight, Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan will perform and fight at the first Vice Presidential Debate of the 2012 election. Users who cannot find a TV to watch the debate will be able to watch the October 11 Vice Presidential debate on iPhone, iPad and iPad, whether they do not own a TV or cannot afford a TV. Android phones and tablets.

The debate will begin at 9:00 pm Eastern time on most major news television channels. Those who still can’t access a TV will be able to use their iPhone, iPad or Android device to watch the discussion live.

Debates serve as a place where candidates can express their views on a range of policies and issues. It’s also a great event for voters as it will give them a look at the perspectives of both the Democratic and Republican Vice Presidential candidates.

How to Watch the Vice President Debate on iPhone, iPad and Android

One of the easiest ways to watch the Vice President Debate on iPhone, iPad or Android is to watch the live YouTube stream available at:


Vice Presidential Discussions should work in the new YouTube app in iOS 6, but it’s only available to iPhone users. iPad users will need to go to YouTube in Safari to watch the discussion live on YouTube. It may also be possible to download and watch Jasmine, which is a YouTube clone or iPad.

Android users can watch via the YouTube app by visiting the YouTube Politics channel on YouTube.

Ustream with PBS

Ustream will live stream the Vice President Debate.

Another easy way to follow the Vice President debate is to watch Ustream, which will present the discussion alongside PBS News Hour.

Users only need to visit PBS News Hour on Ustream to see the live stream of the discussion. Video streaming should work on mobile devices without the need for any third party apps.


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NPR is a great place to watch the Vice Presidential Debate using a mobile device.

NPR will broadcast the Vice President debate and coverage It will begin at 9 p.m. East and the broadcast will be available to follow using NPR’s iPhone, iPad and Android mobile app.

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Users can tune in to a local NPR station to hear discussion coverage, which can also be transmitted over the device’s data link for users who cannot tune in to an NPR station on a radio.

These are a few options. Other options include CNN’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, Xbox 360, and even Apple TV, which users can use to broadcast the event on television from their iPhone or iPad using AirPlay.