How to Watch Disney+ in India Right Now

Just days after the launch of Apple TV+, another new video streaming contender has stepped into the ring. Yep, we’re talking about Disney+ here and its arrival among Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more. Star Wars is only in debt in some geographic areas, but has a lot of fans, thanks to its massive collection of Marvel and Pixar movies.

Disney+ is currently only released in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands (the company used it as a testbed for the service prior to launch). However, if you’re dying to watch some very exciting Disney+ originals, including The Mandalorian, here’s how you can enjoy Disney+ in India:

Steps to Install and Use Disney+ Outside the US

  • Android

1. Go to and download APKPure APK to your Android device. I know, it sounds meta, right? then you need Install the Disney+ app Using APKPure.

2. Do not open the Disney+ app until prompted. Now go to Google Play Store and Download the app (Free, in-app purchase starts from just Rs. 69), Cloudflare’s popular DNS service. You can try other DNS services as well, but we tried this with Cloudflare and it worked just fine.

How to Watch Disney+ in India Right Now

3. Run and press the huge toggle button in the middle to enable the DNS service. We recommend you use the service with WARP For faster connection speeds.

cloudflare dns service - disney+

4. The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Open the Disney+ app and it should show you the “Start Free Trial” button below. Press this button immediately to start the recording process.

How to Watch Disney+ in India Right Now

5. After signing up and subscribing to Disney+ using credit/debit card via Google Play prompt. This much. you exist and you can now enjoy Disney+ original TV shows.

how to use disney+ in india

note: Do not disconnect the app while using Disney+ on an Android smartphone.

  • desktop

Once you manage to create a Disney+ account using the steps outlined above, using the service on your desktop is not difficult at all. All you need is a browser and a reliable VPN service. So, to see our picks, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Chrome (any browser) on your computer and Install the Windscribe VPN extension from the link right here.

How to Watch Disney+ in India Right Now

2. You need to sign up for Windscribe VPN and confirm your email address to get 10GB of free data, which is enough to get you started. click the “globe icon” In the extension select any location in the USA or Canada. Then press the power button to start using the VPN service.

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windscribe vpn extension for using disney+ on the web

3. Turn on the VPN service and voila, Disney+ should now be up and running in your browser window. Just log in with the same credentials as above and enjoy the first episode of The Mandalorian.

disney+ works on desktop in india

note: We tried using a DNS Proxy and VPN service on our Windows and macOS desktops, but ran into a big problem. Disney+ required you to subscribe to the service using a credit/debit card from the region. This means you need a credit card issued in the USA, Canada or the Netherlands.

Are you ready for Star Wars and Marvel Binge Sessions?

That is all. Disney+ is a dream come true for die-hard Star Wars and Marvel fans, or most importantly, fans of Pixar movies. And let’s not forget the massive nostalgic collection of Disney TV shows like Recess, Duck Tales, and movies to boot. Now you can watch whatever you want by following the guide mentioned above step by step.

After you get a Disney+ subscription, go ahead and check out the first episode of The Mandalorian. This is great and you will like it.