How to Use Retouch View to Look Better in Zoom

Against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom-led video conferencing has become a tool used not only to stay connected with friends and loved ones, but also to collaborate with colleagues. The Zoom app has a host of extremely user-friendly features that put it slightly ahead of the curve against top competitors like Microsoft Teams and Hangouts Meet. Among its many features, the “Retouch my look” tool caught my eye, which retouches your video with soft focus. In other words, it helps to smooth the skin on your face so that you look beautiful during video conferencing. If you find it great, let me show you how you can use Retouch My View to look better in Zoom on your iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows PC.

Use Retouch View on Zoom on iOS, macOS, and Windows

When you’re feeling a little tired but don’t want your face to show up during a video call, or just want to soften your face to make it look fresh, Zoom’s visual filter may play a role. It looks compatible with Snapchat or Instagram filters, thanks to its ability to enhance the visual appearance in real time. This is an excellent tip for Zoom users who want to look good during online meetings.

Note: This feature is currently not available on Android.

Use Retouch View on iOS

1. On your iPhone or iPad zoom in Tap the app and then Settings icon in the lower right corner.

2. Now, tap on meetings.

Tap on meeting

3. Next, tap on it. Touch My Look.

Touch My Look

4. Next, turn on the switch next to it “Touch My Look” to correct the skin tone on your face.

Enable Retouch My Look in the Zoom app on iOS

Use Retouch View on macOS or Windows

The steps are the same for both macOS and Windows apps. That’s why we only showed macOS screenshots.

1. On your desktop, Zoom application.

Open the Zoom app on your Mac

2. Now, click on Settings icon in the upper right corner.

Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner

3. Next, click on Video option in the sidebar.

Click on Video in the sidebar

Note: As an alternaive, starting or attending a meeting and then click on arrow After that appear next to the video icon, select Video settings.

4. Finally, check the box to the left of . touch my look in the video setting dialog.

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Check the box next to Retouch my look

This much! Going forward, the Zoom app will show your video along with the retouch. It will remember the preference and automatically use it when you start or join a meeting. If you decide to turn off the ability to retouch my view in Zoom on your mobile or desktop, follow the same steps outlined above and uncheck the box at the end.

Use Retouch My View on Zoom to Look Better

This is how you can use Zoom’s hidden visual filter to beautify your view during video conferencing. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the popular video conferencing tool has a few great tips and tricks like setting a virtual background and sharing your computer screen. So, if you want to get the most out of it, check them out. By the way, how about Zoom? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.