How to Take a Screenshot on Xbox One

You need to know how to take screenshots on Xbox One. The easiest way to share your best streaks, stats and game art style with other people.

Your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X has a built-in feature called GameDVR to capture video from your favorite games. GameDVR doubles as an easy way to take screenshots of your favorite games. By pressing two buttons you can take a picture of everything you see in your game.

Sharing your screenshots is as easy as capturing them. Press two more buttons and you can send that picture to other Xbox Live members. The Xbox app for iPhone, Android and Windows 10 has sharing options for posting pictures to Twitter and other social media websites.

Here’s how to take a screenshot on Xbox One.

How to Take a Screenshot on Xbox One with Your Controller

The easiest way to take screenshots on Xbox One is with your Xbox One controller. If you’re playing games, you already have your remote in hand. So you don’t have to look for other accessories or equipment.

Press the button on your Xbox One controller to open the Xbox Guide.

Now press the button to take your picture. Your game will momentarily freeze and a notification at the bottom of your screen will confirm that the screenshot has been taken and saved. You’ll have to repeat this process each time you want to take a screenshot on Xbox One, as pressing the Y button once only captures a single image.

Press the Menu button on your controller for more capture options.

If the software on your console is up to date, you will not be able to take screenshots on Xbox One when streaming a game to a Windows 10 PC. Also, you cannot take screenshots in the menus of your Xbox One console. GameDVR only works if you are actively playing games.

How to Take a Screenshot on Xbox One with Your Voice

In some cases, it is not convenient to take screenshots with your remote. Opening the Xbox Guide takes you out of the action. That’s why voice commands are very convenient.

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If you have a Kinect sensor for Xbox One connected to your console. Take a screenshot by saying “Take Xbox screenshot”. If you opened the personal assistant, this command changes to “Hey Cortana, take a screenshot”.

If you turn on Cortana, you don’t need Kinect for voice commands. It can hear you through the Xbox One Chat Headset or any headset with a microphone like Apple’s EarPods.

GameDVR’s limitations apply here as well. You cannot take screenshots while broadcasting from your console. You also can’t take screenshots of anything outside of your game on Xbox One.

Whichever way you decide to screenshot on Xbox One, be sure to watch out for friends who haven’t played the game yet. Do not post screenshots of characters that reveal key story plot points.

How to Manage Screenshots Through the Xbox App

Any screenshots you’ve captured from your Xbox One, Xbox app for iPhone, Xbox for Android and the Xbox app installed on every Windows 10 PC. You don’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use any of these apps.

Open the app on your smartphone.

Tap in the corner of your screen.

Tap on it.

This feed includes every picture or video you’ve taken on Xbox Live. You can message the picture to another Xbox Live member, post it to your Xbox Live Feed, or create a new post with it for your Xbox Live Club.

Screenshots are in the same place in the Xbox app for Windows 10, but you also have the option to share them on Twitter from there.

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