How to Take a Screenshot on OnePlus 6T

This quick and simple guide explains how to take a screenshot on the OnePlus 6T. Additionally, we explain the different methods provided by OnePlus, such as taking a scrolling screenshot. This very basic feature is available on every phone, but every company does things a little differently or adds extra controls to make it more useful.

With the OnePlus 6T, you actually have three different options, including taking an extended screenshot of an entire email or text conversation.

How to Take a Screenshot on OnePlus 6T

  1. press and hold Strength and Turn the volume down Press the buttons at the same time, then release
  2. you will see and hear
  3. Now or use the icon at the bottom of the screen to capture.

When you take a screenshot, you will see it, hear it and see a popup in the notification bar. You can then tap near the bottom left corner to share or access the screenshot.

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After taking a screenshot, you can click the pencil edit button at the bottom of the screen for a full set of tools to customize the image. This is great for sharing funny photos, circling text in an email, or drawing on a picture before sharing.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on OnePlus 6T

Additionally, OnePlus offers a neat “scrolling screenshot” or extended screenshot functionality. This basically takes continuous screenshots until you stop it. It allows you to easily capture an entire web page, a long text conversation, emails and more. Basically, more than what appears on your screen at any given moment.

  1. press and hold Strength and Turn the volume down Press the buttons at the same time, then release
  2. you will see and hear
  3. at the bottom right of the toolbar (rectangular phone icon)
  4. The phone will download the page and
  5. screen

You have to tap the screen to stop this feature. If you don’t, it will automatically stop at the end of the page or when the device meets the maximum file size limit.

How to Use OnePlus 6T Screenshot Gesture

And finally, just like Samsung, OnePlus offers screenshot gestures that are much easier than holding down a few buttons. First, you need to enable it in settings and that’s how everything works.

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  1. Go from the app tray or by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the gear-shaped settings button
  2. and choose
  3. T
  4. Now, only on the screen

This is our favorite way to take a screenshot as you can easily do it with one hand. Now, go to Gallery on your phone and you will find a new Screenshots folder containing all your screenshots.

Before you go, take a look at these 10 awesome OnePlus 6T features and don’t forget to get a case to keep your phone safe.

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