How to Stop iPhone Repeating Vibration Alerts

For the average iPhone user, notifications are both a blessing and a curse. Although they successfully alert the user with new messages, they are somehow a nuisance.

One of the biggest culprits for this is text messages and iMessages. Unlike other notifications, these are particularly annoying because they occur most often on the device. Repeated alerts will make your iPhone vibrate every two minutes if the last text or iMessage you received didn’t open. This alert can then be set a certain number of times to remind the user of a new message. While this feature does its job, it can be set to occur more or less depending on how you want it to remind you.

Settings are configured in the notification center to set how many times this happens. Follow the guide below to limit the number of recurring alerts you receive with iPhone messages.

From the home screen. Faucet

Scroll down and tap

Tap Notifications

Under notification settings, find the app and select it.

Tap Messages

Tap under Messages

Tap Repeat Alert

The Repeat Alert setting can then be adjusted with the options on this screen:

Repeat Options

Personally I’m forgetful and I like the repeat alert set twice to make sure I only read a message. For others, once or never may be a better option, both to reduce distraction and avoid multiple alerts for the same notification. The less distractions iPhone is, the more it helps you focus on tasks and get more done throughout the workday.

Between text messages, emails, and other app notifications, it’s easy for notifications to get out of hand. Features like Do not disturb help limit distractions, while the less app notifications are allowed to ring, the better. With a little work, you can group and manage notifications in a way that is much less intrusive.

A good start for organizing your notifications is to look at the apps you use most on iPhone. Once you understand which apps are used most commonly, start eliminating unnecessary notifications from those apps. Disable most alerts for the rest of the apps, especially games and other apps that are not used frequently.

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