Top 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos in a Hassle-Free Manner

No matter how many precautions you take, the chances of getting your important photos, videos, and other data deleted are still there. The loss of photos and other files may occur due to system crashes, device formatting, software issues, human error, and several other reasons. So now that you have realized that you have lost your photos, the next thing you look out for is the solutions on how to recover permanently deleted photos

Thanks to the technology and latest software, photos and other data recovery are possible. There are multiple ways to recover your deleted photos and other files. Depending if you have deleted the file from its location or permanently, the method would vary. If the file has been removed from a folder, recovery can be done using the recycle bin or the backup. But if you have permanently deleted the file, a professional data recovery tool would be needed to restore photos. With this article, you will learn about all these methods in detail. Stick with us till the end.

Part 1: Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows without Software

If you have deleted a photo from the desktop or any specific folder on your Windows system, the following 2 methods can be used to recover them without using any third-party software. 

  1. Recycle Bin

The easiest and quickest way to get back the deleted photos on a Windows system is through the Recycle Bin. Whenever any file including a photo is deleted, they move to Recycle Bin where they remain till the bin is emptied automatically or you do it manually. So, the deleted files can be located in the Recycle Bin and can be restored. 

Step 1. On your Windows system, locate the Recycle Bin and double-click on it.

Step 2. Next, choose the deleted pictures that you want to recover.

Step 3. Tap on the Restore the selected items option located in the recycle Bin Tools tab and the selected files will move back to the source from where they were deleted.

  1. Check File History/Backup

Taking the backup of all the important files is always suggested so that in case of any accidental deletion, they can be recovered from their backup. The Windows system also has a backup feature from where the files can be restored.

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Step 1. On your Windows system, open the Start menu and type “Restore your files with File History” and click Enter. 

Step 2. Next, choose the photos or other files that you have deleted, and then using the arrows select the version that you want to restore.

Step 3. Finally, click on the Restore icon that will recover the photos to their original location. 

Part 2: The Most Efficient Way to Recover Deleted Videos/Pictures Using Recoverit Photo Recovery

Above we have listed the 2 ways using which deleted photos and videos can be recovered without using any third-party tool. But what if you have not taken a backup of your photos and also permanently deleted your Recycle Bin? In such situations recovering your photos becomes a tricky task and you would need a professional recovery tool. The best we recommend here is Wondershare Recoverit, which allows quick and easy recovery of your photos and other files like audio, video, emails, Office documents, etc.

Steps to recover permanently deleted photos using Wondershare Recoverit

Step 1. Launch the software and select the location

Download, install, and run Recoverit Photo Recovery on your system. The interface will now show the locations on the left side from where you need to choose from the Hard Disk Drives or Quick Access tab. Click on the Start button after selecting the location.

Step 2. Scan the location

Now, the software will start scanning the selected location automatically and the real-time results can be seen on the interface. If during the scanning process, you can see the files you want, you can stop or pause the scanning as well.

Step 3. Preview and recover the files

The recoverable files can now be previewed and then finally select the ones you want to restore and then click on the Recover button. The software will save the recovered files in your selected location. 

More About Recoverit Photo Recovery

This Windows and Mac-compatible software allows restoring more than 1000 types of files and folders from over 2000 types of storage devices. No matter what may be the reason, Recoverit will help you get back your files as it is capable of solving over 500 data loss scenarios be it emptying recycle bin, virus attack, unmounted drive, software failure, system crash, or any other. 

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There are several factors that make Recoverit the best choice for a data recovery tool. Find them below.

  • Allows previewing of the recoverable files without limit.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Data recovery success rate of around 95%.
  • Advanced Video Recovery can recover your lost, deleted or deeply hidden videos, including Ultra HD, 4K, 8K videos without corruption.
  • Allows you to access the data from crashed computer by creating a bootable USB drive.

Part 3. Tips for Avoiding Photo Loss

Recovery tools are great to get back deleted pictures and other files, but still, there are chances that you might not be able to get them back. So, the best way here will be to avoid photo loss and thus the need for any recovery tool. Check out some helpful tips to avoid photo loss.

  • Use a dedicated photo library

Keeping all your photos centralized in a single folder will help in better management. Thus, ensure to keep a centralized approach while storing your photos as well as other files on your system.

  • Remove the hardware safely after photos are copied

While copying photos from different external devices to your system always use the option to safely remove the hardware.

  • Keep your system protected

One of the key reasons that lead to the loss of photos and other files is weak system security which leads to viruses and other attacks. So, protecting your computer from malware, virus, and other issues can help prevent photos loss. Some of the ways for this include protection from the internet, scanning storage devices before using them, refreshing the collection of images from time to time, and more.

Final Words

Get back your deleted photos on your system using the best tool – Wondershare Recoverit. The software is not only simple and quick to use but with over 95% success ratio, chances of getting back your deleted photos are quite high.

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