How to Sign Up for Google Home Preview Program

Google recently announced the Google Home Preview Programme. According to Google, users enrolled in this program will be able to access new features of Google Home before they go public. They won’t be testing or beta builds, but rather on par with production version updates. In addition, users registered in the Preview Program will be able to send feedback and suggestions to the Google Home team. If you own the Google Home Smart Speaker and love staying on the cutting edge of technology, read on as we discuss How to sign up for the Google Home Preview Program:

Sign Up for Google Home Preview Program

note: Make sure your Google Home is properly configured and connected to the same WiFi network as your smartphone. If not, read our guide here for setting up your Google Home speaker.

  • Open the Google Home app on your smartphone. tap on “Devices” Tap in the upper right corner to view your configured Google Home devices.

  • A list of your Google Home Devices will now appear. tap on 3-dot menu button Select the Google Home device you want to register in the Preview Schedule and then tap on it. “Settings”.

Device settings

  • A new window should now open for “Device settings”. Scroll down to the Device info section and tap on it. “Preview Program”. A new window will be displayed showing the Google Home Preview Program information. Make sure the checkbox next to it is checked. “Allow email notifications” Is controlled. Next, tap on “Join The Program” to continue.

Join Preview Program

note: If there is no Preview Program option in device settings, you need to restart your Google Home device.

  • And that’s it. You are now easily and successfully enrolled in the Preview Program. A new dialog will appear thanking you for joining the program. Just tap on “Okay, I got it”, to close. Now, when you come back to the device settings page, you will see it displayed. “Open (waiting for next preview firmware update)Under the heading ” Preview Program.

Successfully Joined the Preview Program

  • Also, if you open inbox the email you used to sign up. Received a mail from googleWe invite you to the Google Home Preview Programme.

Welcome to the Preview Program

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Get Early Access With Preview Program

With the Google Home Preview Program, you now have exclusive early access to the latest firmware and updates for your Google Home device. These updates can be new features, device enhancements or any bug fixes. But the important thing is that it gets you ahead of the waiting curve. Share with us your experience with Google Home and what new features you hope to expect in the coming weeks in the comments below.

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