How to Set Custom Reply Messages on iPhone in iOS 6

With the iPhone running on iOS 6, one of the popular new features is the ability to send a text message to someone who calls you at a bad time. This is great for answering contacts during a meeting, special event, or when the user doesn’t feel like talking on the phone.

There are three preset answers a user can choose from, but for some these are not good enough. With a few simple steps, these responses can be structured to be more approachable and applicable to the individual.

How to Set Custom Reply Messages


Scroll down and select



Reply to Messages

On the next screen, the user can fine-tune the responses that are already set as default.

Default Text Replies

Responses all start with “I can’t speak right now…” followed by the text in the boxes above. To change these replies, tap the area of ​​the reply you want to change and enter new text. Even after the answers have been changed, they will start with “I can’t speak right now…” just as a reminder.


Replace replies with what you would usually text a caller to. For example, I’ll call you later, I’ll be there soon or I’m in class, please message me, all are good replies. If you have some extra space, a funny response can be made for your friends or family.

When you’re done entering your answers, tap on the top left to exit the screen.

How to use Custom Reply Messages

When a contact calls, the call screen looks like this:

scroll up

Swipe the right side of the reply button to show the reply menu.

Reply by Message


Reply to Answers

On the next screen, the messages you set earlier are available on the lock screen. Tap one of the options to send a message or select it to compose a different message.

This is how it will appear on their phone when the person receives the message you selected.

message sent

Another feature that can help the user remember to call someone back is option.

How to use Remind Later?

When a contact calls, swipe to the right of the option and tap .

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remind me later

The next screen has options for when the reminder should sound.

Set Reminder

By default, the options are: If the user’s home and work address are registered in their contacts, options may also be available to alert them when they leave work or their home.

Tap OK

If a screen like the above appears, This will allow the reminder app to tell you when you left the current location, if the reminder is set to ring by location.