How to Get Refunds for Google Play Store Purchases?

In this guide, we will explain how to get a refund on Android from the Google Play Store. Whether you’re looking for a refund for buyer’s regret, an app not working as expected, or in-app purchases, we’re here for you.

And while Google not refunding For most things on the Play Store, the process is really simple once you need it. In fact, Google has a refund process built into the store that only takes a few seconds. Here’s how to get refunds from apps and other things on Google Play.

How to Get Google Play Store Refund

While you can’t watch movies and ask for a refund, most apps and games can be refunded quickly if you act fast. The easiest way to get a refund is to request it directly on the Google Play Store. Where you download the app, you’ll see a big “refund” button for two hours after purchasing and downloading anything.

Note that if you are downloading this content for the second time, you will not be able to request a refund again. The second time is permanent. Also, the 2-hour timeframe isn’t your only option. In fact, in most cases you actually have about 48 hours.

If you have passed the 2-hour period but feel you deserve a refund, fill this form within 48 hours. It may take up to 2-3 days to get a response this way, but mine appear within 15-20 minutes. It’s that simple. Do it in-store or with this form.

Contact Developer For Refund

Even if you miss this 48-hour period, some developers will refund you if they think you deserve it. Contacting an app or game developer is another option, but it’s not a guarantee. Some will not respond, some will take forever and some will give your money back instantly. It all depends on the situation.

Note that some app developers don’t respond right away and have another job. And while most of them are really good, you may encounter some that won’t pay back. Good luck.

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Google Play Refund for Movies, TV and Books

If you’re using Google Play Music, Movies & TV or Books and want a refund, that’s also an option. However, you can only request a refund if you haven’t started the movie, show, or book. Look and see if they have a “Refund” button and if not then follow these steps.

Google Play Store In-App Purchase Refunds

Next, we want to talk about in-app purchases and possible refunds. In-app purchases are probably payments you make for Candy Crush, gems in Clash of Clans, or pokeballs in Pokemon GO. You pay for them in-game, not in the app store. If a child makes a large number of purchases, you may be eligible for a refund. Make sure you always have a password for in app purchases.

Getting refunds for in-app purchases isn’t impossible, but it’s not easy either. Again, you don’t have a 2-hour window or easy one-press buttons. you should fill out the form and I hope you get your money back.

This is the standard refund form. You can do this from a computer, your Android device, and even an iOS device if needed. Follow the steps above or in the link and fill in all the required information.

Contact Customer Support

In some cases, you will not receive a refund. If you don’t hear from a developer or they dispute your claim, you can reach Google’s support team. Basically, contact customer support for any other questions or inquiries. That’s not a guarantee either, but it’s a good last resort.

Also, if you don’t have a developer’s contact information, you can use this method to reach Google specifically.

How Long Do Google Play Store Refunds Take?

In closing, you’re probably wondering how long refunds actually take. Again, this depends on the situation. All Google Play Store refunds go back to your original payment method. Depending on this method, your expectation will change.

If you’re using a Google Play Store balance or gift card, the refund usually takes less than 24 hours. And while some refunds are instant, most credit/debit card and Paypal users wait around 3-5 days to see their money returned.

At the end of the day, be careful before you buy anything. If something is not what you expected or fails, take advantage of the 2-hour or 48-hour window to get your money back.

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