How to Download NBA 2K21

The NBA 2K21 release date is only a few days away, which means Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch owners should start preparing for the download.

NBA 2K21, 2K’s annual entry into the long-running NBA 2K series, launches on current-gen consoles on September 4. The game will also make its way to Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, but we don’t have an official release date for this version yet.

With anticipation mounting, console and PC owners are starting to plan for the game’s arrival. With that in mind, we want to bring you everything you need to know about the NBA 2K21 download.

From pre-installation to possible download time for your console, our guide will help you prepare for the game’s release this week.

  1. How Long Will the NBA 2K21 Download Take?
  2. How to Download NBA 2K21 on Xbox One
  3. How to Download NBA 2K21 to PS4?
  4. How to Download NBA 2K21 on Nintendo Switch

NBA 2K21 Preload

There are some great reasons to consider pre-ordering NBA 2K21. You will get yourself nice bonuses and if you buy a digital copy, you can download the game before the release date. This will allow you to play immediately when the game opens on Friday.

You can currently pre-install NBA 2K21 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While you can download the full game file to your console, you won’t be able to start playing until the game opens on September 4.

NBA 2K21 will open on Friday at Midnight Eastern, which means those of you in the western time zones can start playing on September 3.

How Long Will It Take To Download NBA 2K21?

According to Microsoft, the approximate size of NBA 2K21 is 89GB. The PS4 NBA 2K21 download is around 87GB, meaning it will take some time to complete.

File size for Nintendo Switch looks like it will be a much smaller 6.7GB.

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If you’re running out of space on your internal storage, now might be a good time to scan your data and delete files and games you no longer need.

If you’re running out of space and don’t want to delete any files, you should consider investing in an external hard drive for your console. Samsung’s T5 Portable SSD still one of our favorites and WD My Passport 2TB It is a solid budget option.

If you plan to download a digital copy of the game, you may have to wait a while.

Mileage will vary based on connection speed, but an 80+GB download might take too much time for many of you. For others, it may take a few hours, especially if you’re trying to download the game as soon as it’s released.

If you’re wondering how long the NBA 2K21 download can take, use this useful tool to read how long the download might take.

It may not be exact, but it will help you plan ahead and set realistic expectations.

You may want to connect a wired cable to your console during the download period. This will help keep the download speed fast and stable.

If you’re tired of dealing with slow download speeds, you may want to upgrade your router. If you are interested, have a look at this TP-Link Archer A20 or Netgear’s Nighthawk AX4 RAX40.

How to Download NBA 2K1 on Xbox One

There are several ways to start the installation process on Xbox One.

The first way is to turn on your Xbox One, go to the Store and search for “NBA 2K21”. You should then see two versions of the game (Standard, Forever Mamba).

If you haven’t pre-ordered, you’ll want to select the version of NBA 2K21 you want to purchase and purchase the game to start the download process.

If you won’t be at home, you can still download the game and have it ready for use when you return. Here’s how to do it.

First, make sure your Xbox One has an internet connection. You also need to enable the Always Connected power option in your Xbox settings. Always Connected means your Xbox One goes to sleep instead of shutting down.

After doing that, follow these instructions:

If for some reason your console doesn’t download new games and game updates while you sleep, you’ll have to manually download NBA 2K21 when you get home.

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How to Download NBA 2K1 on PS4

If you’re going to play NBA 2K21 on a PS4, here’s how to download it.

If you are at home, turn on your PlayStation 4 and go to the Store. The easiest way to find the game is to search for “NBA 2K21”.

If you won’t be at home, you’ll need to find a device with an internet connection and visit PlayStation Store in a browser. Your PS4 also needs to have Automatic Downloads enabled.

To download NBA 2K21 remotely, you need to:

You’ll want to search for NBA 2K21 in your game collection when you get home. If for some reason it is not there, you will have to manually start the download and wait for it to finish.

How to Download NBA 2K1 on Nintendo Switch

If you’re going to play the game on a Nintendo Switch, here’s what you need to do.

If you’re near your Switch, go to the Nintendo eShop, search for “NBA 2K21”, find the game and start the download.

If you’re not near your Switch, you can catch the game from your phone or laptop. Here’s how to do this:

Once you do this, the download should start automatically.

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