How to Disable “This App Uses GPS” Notifications on OnePlus

This guide explains how to get rid of the annoying “this app uses GPS” notifications on your OnePlus phone. Whether this is on your OnePlus 5 with Android 8.0 Oreo or the new OnePlus 6.

Google has added some useful new permission checks and notifications in Android 8.o Oreo. This gives users more control over which apps and services use things like location data and GPS. However, it also causes annoying notification with daily popup for many users. Here’s how to disable it completely.


  1. Press and hold notification
  2. Choose from the dropdown options
  3. choose

This should remove the “This App is using GPS” notification from your OnePlus phone, but it will also remove all notifications from the Android system. Keep that in mind, you’ll still get notifications for Gmail, text messages, and everything else.

However, we have a second method it is not that intrusive and simply does not block everything. Instead, it lowers the priority and importance of the “this app uses GPS” notification to low, that way you almost never see it.

  1. Trigger notification by opening Google Maps, Facebook or Pokemon GO
  2. Press and hold the notification until you see “All categories”. Click this.
  3. Scroll down the “Android system” notifications list and find GPS, then tap GPS.
  4. Tap on Importance and lower it from “High” to “Medium” or “Low” (we recommend low)

Next, just go home and exit the settings menu and everything is ready. The next time you open Google Maps or do anything that requires GPS, you should no longer see or hear this obnoxious notification.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can go to Settings > Sounds & Notifications > App Notifications > App List and tap the settings cog to the right of any app. Then you can disable notifications for any app, service or permission in this menu. This way you will still receive Facebook notifications, but you can disable GPS notifications.


Google added this to Android 8.0 Oreo to give smartphone users more information. This way we are aware of what is going on with our devices. And while nice, some notifications are very annoying. As a result, there is more than one way to get rid of it. We also believe that Google has removed most of these persistent notifications in the Android 9.0 P update coming in August.

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So, for now follow our steps above or if you have a OnePlus 6 go ahead and install the Android P beta. Before you go, check out these 10 cool things the OnePlus 6 can do.