How to Check App Size in Windows 8.1

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 make it incredibly easy for users to download new apps and games. Thanks to the Windows Store, new apps are always just a few taps or clicks away. Unfortunately, if you’re one of those people who likes to download as many apps and files as possible, you’ll quickly learn that not managing the amount of space your apps take up can make you need more storage space.

Here’s how to control the size of Windows Store apps in Windows 8.1 and remove them if they’re taking up too much space.

Go to by pressing the Windows key on your computer keyboard. Touch user scan also presses the Windows key just below their device’s screen.

Position your screen to bring up the Charms Bar. Touchscreen users should swipe left from the right edge of the screen.

How to Control App Sizes in Windows 8 (2)

Click or tap the settings button in the lower right corner of the settings menu.

How to Control App Sizes in Windows 8 (3)

Click or tap S in the PC settings menu. It’s the fourth option on the left side of the Settings app.

How to Control App Sizes in Windows 8 (4)

Click or tap .

How to Control App Sizes in Windows 8 (5)

At this point, you’ll have to wait a bit while the settings app scans your computer’s storage to calculate which apps are taking up the most space on your device. During this scan, you can do other things on your PC by returning to the Start Screen and opening another application. Depending on how much storage your computer has, the scan will take longer to run.

How to Control App Sizes in Windows 8 (6)

Now that the scan is finished, all apps stored on your PC should be represented by an icon on the App sizes screen. Apps with the most storage appear closer to the top of the menu.

How to Control App Sizes in Windows 8 (8)

Unless something particularly strange happens, it’s important to remember that app sizes in Windows 8 tend to hover between 100MB and 200MB. If you think it’s taking up too much space, you can click or tap on each app to remove it from your device.

Uninstalling an app on a particular Windows 8 device will not get rid of any settings that were synced to other computers by default. Choosing to uninstall any version of this application from other computers will also cause you to lose the settings associated with that application.

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