How to Get Pixel 3 Night Sight and Live Google Lens on Any Android Pie Phone

I don’t know about you, but the thing I look forward to most on a new Pixel phone (including the Pixel 3) is always the camera. Not only because the new Pixel phones will bring outstanding camera hardware, but also because Google always has a great camera experience that takes advantage of software processing to take incredible photos.

The best part about this approach from Google is that the camera app is usually ported to work on older devices; This means that we can all benefit from the new camera features, whether we buy new Pixel phones or not due to the heavy focus of software.

It happened last year and it happened again. While the ported camera app is still in beta, it brought two new features, including the much-praised Night Sight and Live Google Lens. So, if you want these two new features for yourself, you can do it like this:

Get Night Sight and Live Google Lens on Your Android Device

Google Pixel 3 brings loads of new camera features. The new Google camera app brings features like Top Shot, Photobooth, and more, alongside the already ported Night Sight and Live Google Lens features. Although these features are exclusive to Pixel, you can get them on your Android device by following the steps below. Note that the app is currently in beta so it’s not perfect and can crash sometimes. However, once installed, you can update the app regularly to get the latest Google camera features in upcoming stable releases:

  1. The application is published in: From XDA Developers forum page and can be downloaded by by clicking here.

2. After downloading the APK file, click the install button to install it on your device and then launch the app.

Stage 13. Now the app will ask for permission to access your camera, microphone and more. Grant these permissions for the app to run.

step 24. In the camera viewfinder, Tap “More” to access Pixel 3 exclusive features Such as Photo Booth, Night Light and Live lens.

Step 55. Here to verify that the feature is working properly A screenshot showing the Google Live Lens feature in action. As you can see, the live lens was able to identify and extract contact information from the card.

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How to Get Pixel 3 Night Sight and Live Google Lens on Any Android Pie Phone
I blurred the text for privacy reasons. Google Live Lens was able to capture this without issue.

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Enjoy Pixel 3 Camera Features on Your Android Device

That concludes our tutorial and I hope you were able to run the app on your phone. The app is most stable on phones running Android P, so it works better on some phones than others.

Check it out and let us know if you like these new features on your phone. Also, if you encounter any problems during the installation process, ask your questions in the comment section below. We are here to help.