Galaxy Note 3: our tutorials (Custom Roms, Root, Kernels, Tips & Tricks)

Since Samsung’s latest phablet has been around for a little over six months, it’s time to bring you a rundown of the best. Galaxy Note 3 tutorials. This will help you better understand the device and make the most of the many customization options offered by Android.

all Galaxy Note 3 tutorials, tips and Custom ROMs that we will present to you in this article come directly from our always very active forum community. Although their authors remain very experienced users, the tutorials are always very well explained and accessible to alleven for the most novice among us.

Best tutorials and tips for Galaxy Note 3

Warning: These different transactions involve risk. Moyens I/O cannot be held responsible for any problems encountered. Don’t forget to make a backup before following these different tutorials.

what is root?

If you read our news regularly, the term “root” It is undoubtedly a word that you frequently encounter in our articles. As its translation suggests, root allows access to the “root” rights of your phone. In other words, once your device is rooted, you can do almost anything you want with it, its use is no longer restricted by the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. In other words, personalization becomes unlimited!

How to Root Galaxy Note 3 with CF Auto Root

what is kernel

Who says root often says kernel change to enable the software to take better advantage of the hardware embedded in your phablet. Once a device is rooted and therefore the user has all the management and customization tools for the device, it would be a shame to limit oneself to the official Samsung kernel, the possibilities for this are still very limited.

Here is the list of exclusive and official kernels for Galaxy Note 3.

What is “Custom Recovery”?

Before modifying and customizing your device, after rooting, and depending on what you want to do with it next, custom recovery Where Custom Recovery. Once installed on your device, you can safely install Custom ROMs.

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You can usually choose between several custom recoveries:

  • How to Install ClockWorkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • How to install TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP)

What is “Custom Rom”? »

On Galaxy Note 3, if the pure version of Android is worn on an official “Made by Samsung” ROM called TouchWiz, once the device is rooted, you can get rid of it completely. Install custom ROM : well CyanogenMod The main advantage is to offer a “stock Android” version that uses less resources than TouchWiz or whatever you want.

  • How to install CyanogenMod 11 (based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat) on Galaxy Note 3
  • List of all official and Custom ROMs and installation guide

Themes and Wallpapers

Why not push the customization a little further by changing the themes and fonts of the displays? Here are the best recommended by the community:

  • Alexander’s Blue Theme Galaxy Note 3: A super aesthetic theme for Samsung phablet
  • 210 wallpaper packs for note 3
  • A theme pack for the lock screen
  • Holofied TWRP Theme – Black/Dark/Light/Play

Gala tips and tricksxy Note 3

Along with themes and customization options, here are a number of tips and tricks for the Galaxy Note 3 to slightly expand the functionality of the device and improve the user experience a little more.

  • How to Install Flash Support in Android KitKat
  • Install Galaxy Note 3 Toolkit
  • Remove region lock from Galaxy Note 3 with Region Lock Away
  • Watch phablette videos from Freebox V6
  • Scan your business cards to your contacts
  • Lighten the system by removing unnecessary items

And let’s not forget to send a big thank you to the members of the Galaxy Note 3 forum at the source of these tutorials, who don’t hesitate to give their time and energy to share tips with all members of the community.