Common Galaxy S10 Keyboard Problems and How to Fix them

In this guide, we’ll go over the most common Galaxy S10 keyboard problems and how to fix them. The built-in keyboard on your Galaxy phone has a lot to offer, but it’s far from perfect. We’ll go over a few questions, tell you what you need to know, then show you how to set up a new keyboard.

While there are many keyboard alternatives available in the Google Play Store, most people only use the ones that come with the phone.

If you’re having trouble trying to type and text on the Galaxy S10, you’re not alone. We’re seeing complaints about the keyboard sensitivity issues, capitalization issuesautocorrect or problems with the keyboard when horizontal. Below we’ll help you fix keyboard issues or change settings to avoid them.

Galaxy S10 Keyboard Sensitivity Issues (or Dead Spots)

So far we haven’t heard too many Galaxy S10 issues, but one that we’ve seen mentioned a few times on Reddit has to do with the touchscreen and sensitivity. Especially for those who add a screensaver. Basically, some users are experiencing sensitivity issues or dead spots on the screen, such as around the edges. As a result, some letters do not appear when typing.

Whatever your Galaxy S10 touchscreen sensitivity issue is, here’s how to fix it.

Go quickly. Turn the switch to the ON position and you are ready. This will fix most touchscreen sensitivity issues and improve your typing skills.

Galaxy S10 Keyboard Not Capitalizing

Whatever the reason, this issue continues to plague Samsung devices. From the S8 to the new Galaxy S10. If your phone (or keyboard) doesn’t capitalize letters, names or words at the beginning of a sentence, you’re not alone. Or, it can even be auto-corrected to lowercase, which is very annoying.

By default, the keyboard should automatically capitalize the first word of any sentence. So, first of all, make sure you don’t turn off the auto-capitalization feature. Go to the list of options and look.

This should fix your issue. If not, try turning off autocorrect, clear the keyboard cache, or reset all keyboard options to default. Or install a new keyboard, which we will explain below, and then switch back to the Samsung keyboard. This toggle fixed it for some people.

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General Keyboard Lag and Issues

If your Galaxy S10 keyboard can’t keep up with your fast typing speed and seems to be lagging, we have some suggestions for you. If you’ve experienced it, you know exactly what we mean. Typically this will fix itself after a minute or two, but if not, try our trick below.

Go in and scroll to the bottom. Now, select it and then tap the option as well. This will undo any changes you have made to the keyboard.

And even if you haven’t made any changes to the keyboard or its settings, as the phone is brand new this will reset everything and may fix minor issues.

Galaxy S10 Keyboard Not Appearing at All

Perhaps the strangest problem is that the keyboard is simply hidden and not visible at all. We’re not sure if this is a lag or some kind of glitch. Unfortunately there is no way to fix this in settings. This is basically a software issue and we have two potential fixes for you to try.

For almost every keyboard issue, your first step is to restart your Galaxy S10. Hold down the power button and press the button. This usually fixes minor issues like keyboard bugs.

Then try clearing the cache of the Samsung keyboard app if the keyboard is still missing or working. This is actually easier than it looks. Scroll until you find Now, tap on it and select . You can also click on it, then . Know that this will delete your saved dictionary.

Galaxy S10 Auto-Correct Issues

Samsung’s keyboard learns from your typing habit and style over time and gradually becomes more accurate when it comes to autocorrect or word predictions. Well, it’s supposed to do this, but it doesn’t. In fact, most of the time autocorrect messes up a perfectly normal word or phrase, which is very frustrating. Try typing “to/too”, “home” or “come”; you can get “ball”, “hone” and “cone” instead. This is the autocorrect feature failing, here’s how to fix it.

Just turn off autocorrect or similar features. Go back to your keyboard settings by following the instructions we mentioned earlier and check Samsung’s keyboard settings for things like Automatic spell checking, auto-switching and of course text prediction.

Estimates and Suggestions Not Appearing

Additionally, sometimes you want those guesses and spare words as it prevents most people from typing faster. Samsung’s keyboard instantly corrects my mistakes, suggests contact names when typing, and predictive text often finishes my sentences. However, for some these predictions may not come out at all. This could be due to a few different things.

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Go back and look at the list of settings. Make sure it’s enabled and try turning it off and on again. Sometimes it just gets stuck.

If you used Samsung SmartSwitch or a similar tool to transfer everything from your old phone to the new Galaxy S10, the predictive text or similar settings may have been turned off. Just be sure to pop in and check them out for the best experience.

Galaxy S10 Keyboard Sounds

There is nothing worse than sitting in a quiet room or doctor’s office and someone next to me has typing and keyboard sounds enabled on their phone. Click, click, click, click, click, stop. These sounds are annoying, so turn them off. Or if you’re expecting keyboard sounds but they’re missing, here’s how to turn them back on.

For this setting, we enter the normal phone settings, not the keyboard controls. Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings button. Then go to and scroll down to find .

Turn this on or off as you see fit. And if you want to hear the keyboard sounds but the sound is missing, turn it on or off or make sure your phone is not in silent or vibrate-only mode. These mods remove all sounds, including keyboard sounds.

Other Galaxy S10 Typing and Scrolling Issues

Another thing we’ve heard complaints about is the swipe system and swipe for typing on Galaxy devices. The biggest reason users have problems with scrolling is that screen protectors don’t quite fit the curved edges. Again, try turning on screen sensitivity in settings. Additionally, make sure that the swipe to type option is actually enabled in the Samsung keyboard settings.

Sometimes the swipe-to-type method gets stuck or not working and like all our other tips, try restarting the phone. Almost any problem can be easily fixed by restarting or resetting your keyboard settings.

How to Change Galaxy S10 Keyboard

And finally, our last and probably most helpful tip is to replace the Samsung keyboard with something else. something better. There are dozens of modifications, including in the Play Store. Google’s excellent keyboard for Android. Replacement keyboards usually have more options, better controls, and tons of customization options.

We’ve compiled a list of the best third-party keyboards for Android. Try one of these or get Gboard from Google. Here is a guide to replace the Galaxy S9 keyboard. The steps are basically the same on the new Galaxy S10. Basically, you tell the Phone which onscreen keyboard to use and it’s that simple.

In closing, take a look at this larger list of common Galaxy S10 issues and how to fix them. Then don’t forget to keep your phone safe in one of the suggested cases.

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