Automatically Backup Windows 8 Settings Using SkyDrive

With Windows 8Microsoft has redesigned many things. Unfortunately, backing up your Windows 8 running device wasn’t one of them. Instead, Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud backup solution is where all the action is. Here’s how to automatically back up Windows 8 settings using SkyDrive on your device.

Sign in to your Windows 8 device with a Microsoft Account from the Windows 8 lock screen. This is the same account your Windows 8 device will ask for during the setup process.

If you’re using a touch-based Windows 8 machine, your device is next to your screen.

Click or tap . This is the final talisman in the form of gears at the bottom of your screen.

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Click or tap the icon from the Settings pop-up window.

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Inside the PC Settings app until you see the option. Click or tap on it.

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In the Sync your settings menu on all the options you want to sync between PCs. SkyDrive can automatically sync your start screen backgrounds, Windows themes, and even passwords. By default, turning this option on will sync app purchases and sync favorites and browsing history from Internet Explorer.

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To enable password synchronization, you need to further authorize the Windows device online. If you want to do this, click below the title. Clicking this will take you to a window in Internet Explorer.

In this Internet Explorer window, enter the Microsoft Account username and password you entered to set up your Windows 8 device.

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Choose one of the verification methods you added when creating your Microsoft account. In our example, it’s a number code sent to us as a message.

sent to you in the space provided. You can also choose to have a code sent to you by email.

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From then on, your passwords will be synchronized automatically, just like your settings.

All your settings, backgrounds and passwords will be synced to all devices running both Windows 8 and Windows RT. Sync settings take none of the 7GB of free storage available to all users.

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