5 Things to Do Before Upgrading to iPhone 6s

Before you upgrade to iPhone 6s, you need to take a few steps to make sure you’re ready to have your new iPhone delivered to your doorstep, or before you head to the store to pick it up.

Preparing for your new iPhone 6s will make the transition and upgrade much smoother and get you started on your new iPhone faster. Some of these tasks can take a while to complete if you haven’t backed up your iPhone regularly, so it’s a great idea to get this done before you get your new iPhone.

These are the steps we take to prepare to upgrade to a new iPhone, something we do every year. Even if you upgrade less frequently, we think you should use this as a to-do list before upgrading to the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

Backup Your Old iPhone

Most users will want to upgrade to iPhone 6s and bring all their apps and data from old iPhone to new iPhone. While you can use some apps to transfer contacts and other items, the easiest way to do this is to back up and restore your old iPhone to your iPhone 6s during the setup process.

Back up your iPhone before buying iPhone 6s.

You can use iCloud backup, which keeps a copy of your iPhone online and accessible with all your apps wherever you are. For most users, this is the best way to back up your iPhone, as it creates a new backup every night when your iPhone is charged and locked. Here’s how to backup to iCloud.

You can also backup locally to iTunes. Once you do, you will need the add-on whenever you want to backup and then you will need to plug your iPhone 6s into that computer to restore from backup. Learn how to back up your iPhone to iTunes.

Update Your Apps and Backup Your Purchases

It’s a good idea to update all your apps now, especially if you plan to make an iTunes backup and transfer your content to the computer to sync with your new iPhone. If you have pending app updates, go ahead and update now.

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When you connect your iPhone to your computer, you can choose to transfer purchases to your computer. To do this, open iTunes with your iPhone connected, go to

This is something you can skip if you use an iCloud backup because you can easily redownload iTunes purchases without paying again.

How to prepare for iPhone 6s?

How to prepare for iPhone 6s?

Check Your Passwords Again

In most cases, you will need to sign in to your accounts on your new iPhone. First of all, you will need your Apple ID and password, but after restoring the backup to your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, it may ask you for your email and other passwords.

If you’re backing up to iTunes and using an encrypted backup, make sure you know what that password is as well.

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Make Sure Your Photos Are Backed Up

If you already use iCloud Photo Library to keep your iPhone photos backed up and accessible on all your Apple devices, you should be ready.

For users who don’t use iCloud Photo Library, make sure to sync your photos to your computer or back them up to a service like: Google Photos so you can access them on your new iPhone so you don’t lose them when you trade or sell your old iPhone.

Make Plans for Your Old iPhone

Here are the best old iPhone swap values ​​that iPhone 6s boosters should know.

Here are the best old iPhone swap values ​​that iPhone 6s boosters should know.

Now is the time to decide what to do with your old iPhone. There are many trade-in deals, and when you go to a store to buy an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, there’s a good chance an employee will persuade you to use trade-in services.

You can check the value of your iPhone here:next value, fruit garden, Stop Game, gazelle, eBay, best buy, Apple, AT&T, Amazon and check out T-Mobile and Verizon’s trade-in offers before deciding what to do.

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Some users will make more money by selling the old iPhone on their own, while others will get a better deal from trading. You may also want to give it to a family member as an upgrade. The important thing is to figure out what you want to do before you come under pressure to make a decision.

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