Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: This bug lets you create infinite objects

With 10 million sales in just a few days, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the best debut in licensing history. Combine this already crazy number with incredible free play that appeals to the player’s creativity and you have a good dozen crazy discoveries every day. Indeed, some prefer to solve the slightest problem with a giant bridge, while others double down on their skills to make even more impressive machines.

But to build all these machines, you need resources that can sometimes be difficult to collect. Never mind, player Benjaninja has found the solution. He shared a video on Twitter where we saw him take advantage of a hitherto unknown glitch that quite simply allows him to copy any object in his inventory forever. All using their arrows. We explain to you.

Here’s how to duplicate your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom endless items

Here are the steps described by Benjaninja:

  1. Use the power to fuse the object of your choice to your arrows Merger
  2. put the game on break
  3. Drop arrow and equip the other
  4. Press twice very fast pause button
  5. Release the equipped bow again
  6. Exit pause menu
  7. to collect two bows on the ground

However, since almost all objects in the world of Tears of the Kingdom can be combined with arrows, this means you can duplicate any object forever. For example, multiplying diamonds can be a good trick to make a lot of money very easily. But it also works for weapons if you don’t want any of them to break too quickly.

Of course, expect Nintendo to fix this patch very soon now that it’s out. If you want to take advantage of it, it is better not to procrastinate.

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