Xbox Game Pass: game cards, accessibility, interface, PC app revamp

In April 2023, Microsoft announced the arrival of Xbox Game Pass for PC. 40 additional countriesbefore launching the new sponsorship program a few weeks later.

Redmond firm, which always takes this into consideration to improve user experience on PC, just announced distribution of a new update for the PC application of the game service.

More complete playing cards

First, Microsoft teams made some changes to the interface. In the effect, playing cards will provide more information and clearer than today. So you can see there:

  • the title of the game
  • editor
  • price
  • Average time to complete using data from the HowLongToBeat site
  • Game Pass arrival or departure dates
  • Type

Moreover, Microsoft made it easy to use filters to sort through different collections and your library. For example, we can categorize titles by functionality dedicated to accessibility, user notes, and even estimated time to see end credits. Let me also point out new collections are coming out. Suitable for discovering the most popular games or fast-paced games in France.

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xbox game pass update pc app

Accessibility and social features are renewed

Accessibility settings also help a special menu which one can you do customize your different options (also search for games based on your criteria).

Finally, let’s end this overview with: focus on social features. It’s possible now keep your windows open related to lists friends, chat and group in full swing. In configurations with two or more screens, simply drag the windows over the empty desks. Keep track of your friends’ activities quickly.We’ve made it easier than ever to discover and add new friends directly from the Friend List. With just one click, you can see the players you’ve played recently and link your Steam account so your friends can join you in the Xbox ecosystem.” He writes Microsoft.

xbox game pass update pc app

Source : XboxWire

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