Xbox 360 controller is back and compatible with Windows 11 and Series X/S

The second game console that Microsoft released in France in 2005 made an impression on many minds. Slade Suzuki, Product Manager at Hyperkin, said, “I remember when the Xbox 360 was released, it was a groundbreaking experience. Online multiplayer, downloadable games, and its unique controller. I have so many fond memories of the Xbox 360. We’re so excited to be able to recreate that. Nostalgia on new consoles with xenon controllers “.

From afar, Xenon may look real copy of original Xbox 360 controller. Same creamy white color, same button layout. A little more analysis shows that Hyperkin has added some very modern features. Besides being compatible with Windows, Xbox Series X, Series S and Xbox One, Xenon now features a USB-C port, 3.25mm headphone jack and social media sharing button.

Xenon is now a controller compatible with modern consoles

One point that Hyperkin has proven to be irreconcilable (or is that an oversight?) is in terms of Xenon connectivity. this is the last must be connected by cableIt’s too anachronistic for our time and even if we appreciate a bit of nostalgia. Hyperkin isn’t in its first attempt at a re-release of controllers for Xbox. in 2018 company relaunches Xbox Duke ControllerThe controller of the first game console from the company Redmond.

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The latter has long been criticized for its lack of ergonomics and size. A bug fixed with the Xbox 360 controller, even in 2022 an ergonomic model. The xenon will be available on the retro accessory manufacturer’s website in white, black, red and pink. No information regarding a release date or even the price of the controller has been filtered out yet.

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