How to Use Airplane Mode on iPhone?

iPhone is a great tool to keep us connected, but what if that connection needs to be muted? While the do not disturb mode is great for eliminating notifications, it still has cellular service enabled, which is an issue when boarding a plane.

Fortunately, the iPhone has a built-in setting for scenarios like this. This is ironically called airplane mode. When Airplane mode is on, all connections like Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth are turned off, so you can use or dock the iPhone without causing any interference.

While it’s debatable whether cell phones really pose a problem for airplanes, it’s best to follow the rules purely for safety. When airplane mode is on, the setting remains the same even if you turn off the iPhone. This is useful to know, so if you’re extremely careful and turn off iPhone before boarding a plane, airplane mode will remain active when you turn iPhone back on during or after the flight.

How to enable Airplane Mode.

At the top of the screen is the airplane mode option.

Airplane Mode -OFF

Move the slider to to enable Airplane Mode.

Airplane Mode ON

When airplane mode is enabled, all data connections are disabled, so it’s acceptable to leave the iPhone locked on the airplane instead of leaving it completely off. One option to consider is to use the iPhone’s WiFi if the aircraft actually offers this service. Fortunately, more and more aircraft have this service, and it’s important to keep airplane mode enabled in order to use it. Cellular service will not work by keeping airplane mode on, but you can turn WiFi back on with these steps.

Tap below Airplane mode

Tap on WiFi

Set the slider to:

Turn WiFi ON

Select the network you are connecting to and enter the password if required.

connect to network

In the upper left corner of the screen, you will notice that both the Airplane mode icon and the WiFi are present, this confirms that the steps were completed correctly.

Airplane Mode + WiFi

As a reminder: it is not possible to receive any phone calls or SMS messages while in airplane mode. Make sure to turn this setting off when the plane lands to reactivate this important part of the iPhone.

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