Facebook Local: an attractive app to discover new places and events around you

It is always useful to know the good addresses of the “Corner”, Facebook is aware of this and decides to use a lot of data it collects itself to offer us an application that allows us to organize our little trips. Currently only available to terminal owners in the United States. Android and iOS. Let’s take a look at the features offered by Local, the new Facebook application where more than 2 billion people live.

Facebook Local: an app that helps us organize our trips

Local promises to quickly and efficiently find all restaurants, bars and various other places near us. You can also find events that we will attend. that’s not all integrated card Local to the application allows us to see the events that our friends will attend. We can naturally sort the filters offered by the Facebook application. The company uses a lot of data it collects to offer us an app that looks particularly effective, at least the screenshots show it.

The social network draws its inspiration from the already well established competition in this field, it can easily be predicted that Local will quickly become popular among many users of the social network. The application allows us to focus on the most important, namely the outputs, without drowning in the various information of the main application of the social network. We have no choice but to hope we won’t have to wait too long to discover Local in our area. With over one billion users, Facebook Messenger enjoys immense popularity, aside from the very successful Lite version of Messenger.

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