Virtual conflicts: 8 rivalries in games that divide opinions between friends

You video games They have always been an unparalleled source of fun, capable of transporting us to fantastic worlds and providing exciting experiences.

However, over the decades, fertile ground for heated rivalries between friends has also been created. This happens because opinions about game characters can be quite divided, especially when it comes to rivals.

Thus, some gaming rivalries transcend the screen and gain notoriety due to the players themselves. These are those clashes in which friends engage in debates to determine which rival is truly superior.

8 rivals in video games that divide opinions among players

Red x Blue – Pokémon

The rivalry between Red and Blue, also known as Ash and Gary in the cartoons, is one of the most iconic in the “Pokémon” franchise. These characters compete throughout the games and series, motivating players to try harder to become Pokémon masters. Blue/Gary’s confident personality makes him a memorable rival on the players’ journey.

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Scorpion x Sub-Zero – ‘Mortal Kombat’

Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero is a central element of the game series.”Mortal Kombat“. The two are rival ninjas, with different fighting styles and origins. Their iconic battles throughout the series have captivated fans, making this rivalry an essential part of the “Mortal Kombat” universe.

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Real Madrid x Barcelona – ‘EA Sports FIFA’

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is one of the most intense in the world of football, and this extends to the world of football games, such as “EA Sports FIFA”. Players often choose these teams to compete against each other in exciting matches. This virtual rivalry allows fans to recreate the famous “El Clásico” and experience the tension and excitement that accompanies this legendary clash on the digital field.

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Vergil x Dante – ‘Devil May Cry’

The rivalry between Dante and Vergil is a central part of the “Devil May Cry” game series, as one of the most striking and captivating elements of the franchise. The two brothers have unique combat styles and contrasting personalities. Its epic battles throughout the series establish an emotional bond with players and contribute to the depth of the narrative.

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Sonic x Shadow – ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

The rivalry between Sonic and Shadow is an iconic part of the “Sonic the Hedgehog” game series. These two characters have extreme speed and contrasting characteristics. Its fierce competitions in races and exciting battles throughout the games create a strong appeal for players.

Photo: Disclosure/Sonic Team

Link, the hero, and Ganondorf, the villain, fight epic battles throughout the series in search of control of the Triforce and the salvation of Hyrule. This iconic rivalry creates a captivating narrative and is one of the pillars that make “The Legend of Zelda” such a beloved and enduring franchise in the world of video games.

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Ken x Ryu – ‘Street Fighter’

Both are masters of martial arts and share similar training, but have distinct fighting styles. His epic fights throughout the games are a highlight, captivating players and adding depth to the “Street Fighter” narrative. The rivalry between Ken and Ryu is one of the most iconic in the world of fighting games.

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Mario x Bowser – ‘Super Mario’

The eternal rivalry between Mario and Bowser is the center of the game series’ adventures.”super Mario“. Heroic plumber Mario repeatedly faces Bowser, king of the Koopas, to rescue Princess Peach and save the Mushroom Kingdom.

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