Beta version of WhatsApp revolutionizes multiple accounts on the same cell phone; know more

O Whatsappsince its creation, has managed to stand out in the world of messaging applications due to its simplicity and its focus on the user experience.

Unlike many applications, WhatsApp does not require usernames or PINs, using only the phone number. Plus, the clean design and intuitive interface make communication straightforward and effective.

Not to mention that the messenger of Goal It has the ability to send text, voice, video and document messages, along with voice and video calls, which are highly valued features today.

Furthermore, end-to-end encryption guarantees users’ privacy, differentiating WhatsApp from many competitors in the market.

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Committed to fulfilling user requests

WhatsApp is always attentive to the demands of its users and has sought to innovate and adapt to the growing communication needs that emerge over time.

Recently, the application has demonstrated this fact by showing interest in meeting one of the most popular requests: the possibility of having multiple accounts on a single device. That’s right!

This update was a constant request to the developers, who began to carry out tests and look for more flexible and convenient ways for users to have their requests fulfilled.

It was then that WhatsApp brought this new feature. Now, anyone who uses the app will be able to have more than one account on the same cell phone. And do you know how it will work? Through a QR Code. For those who like to test new features, this function will arrive in test version

And there’s more: when you open WhatsApp, you’ll see a different icon and a menu with the option to add account. This will certainly help a lot of people, especially those who have more than one number and don’t like to keep switching apps or cell phones. Cool, huh?

Remembering that WhatsApp can be installed on both smartphones with Android and iOS devices.

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