Threads threatened? Suddenly, a worthy competitor promises to provide work

O Threads is the new social network linked to Instagram and launched by Meta. In its launch week, the social network quickly gained new users: the platform reached 100 million instantly connected users.

However, shortly after launch, the platform’s engagement began to plummet and, a month later, the social network reached a minimum peak in active users, recording an 82% drop.

Initially, Threads was launched as a rival to the old Twitter, now X. However, what it seems is that now the social network faces a much more competitive opponent: TikTok.

Image: Threads/Reproduction

Threads versus Twitter

Promoted as Instagram’s text-based social network, the proposal was a success in the early days. But as time passed, users started to give up on the new social network.

The CEO of Meta (the company that owns Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp), Mark Zuckerberg, during an internal company meeting, confessed that the platform is not perfect and that he believes these user withdrawals are “normal”.

The CEO guarantees that he is working on features to retain users. But if Threads’ biggest concern was Twitter, perhaps the new social network needs to change its priorities.

After all, Twitter itself is going through a difficult time after the various measures and sudden changes that Elon Musk has taken in relation to your social network.

According to data released by the Pew Research Center, the use of social networks is decreasing among young people and teenagers. Apparently, the X It’s not as popular as people thought it was.

Unique proposal

Some justify Threads’ lack of popularity by the way it was publicized. It seems that the social network has not yet discovered what it is for. When released, it is classified as “Instagram’s text social network”.

But, according to information from AP News, few “ordinary” users appear to be publishing there. Even politicians, celebrities and influencers seem unable to find high adoption rates for their posts on the new platform.

Another interesting point to be analyzed is that Instagram is a social network that is already consolidated and has its own content and constant trends. Therefore, for Meta itself, it becomes a challenge to encourage people to stay connected longer on Threads than on Instagram.

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However, the favorite of the new generation is, without a doubt, TikTok. He is the one who, in fact, can be considered Threads’ greatest rival. This is because all trends, or at least most of them, emerge among young people of generation Z in the TikTok.

Furthermore, on TikTok you can find content of all types: memes, tutorials that teach you how to do the most diverse things, recipes, makeup, tips on how to care for your pet, in short, thousands of things. Therefore, if Threads intends to remain active, it better find its place in this world full of social networks.