Sony may create PS5 controllers with the ability to recharge headphones

A Sony promises to be huge and solve a major problem encountered by players in their games. That’s because the company is in the process of developing an innovative controller for the PS5, designed to store, pair and recharge headphones.

The patent reveals a design that incorporates a compartment similar to a charging box on the back of the controller, allowing the headphones to be stored and recharged. Furthermore, the controller can have recharge slots in different areas, such as the front, sides, top and bottom.

Understand how the new feature should work

According to the patent registered by Sony, the new control will offer the ability to pair headphones more simply, providing greater convenience for players.

O control will feature a processor capable of establishing a connection with a computing device and sharing it with the headphones, speeding up the pairing process.

Additionally, this technology will allow for deeper integration between the headphones and the controller. For example, headphones will be able to work together with the microphone and speaker built into the controller, improving audio quality. It’s a great bet for those who depend on devices when playing.

Image: Oficina Da Net/Reproduction

However, if you are excited about the news, you will need to wait a little. Registering a patent does not necessarily guarantee the launch of the product. Therefore, there is still no possible release date for the control.

What excites the public most is that Sony recently launched two new gaming headphones: the Pulse Explore and the INZONE Buds.

This could indicate a possibility of integration between the headphones and the controller, which would be an exciting idea for enthusiasts and gamers who are always looking for great options on the market to improve their games.

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