How can you test Google Veo, the artificial intelligence that brings any video of your imagination to life?

Google Veo

Following the photorealistic images we now see everywhere on the internet, videos created entirely by artificial intelligence will soon invade the internet. A few weeks ago, OpenAI introduced its tool called Sora. “ChatGPT video creation”.

The principle is the same: analyze the instructions, process them, and then return results of surprising value (despite the flaws that still exist). Google’s response didn’t take long: the company offered New tool called Veo During the Google/io conference in mid-May 2024.

Like Bard, which is trying to steal the show from ChatGPT, Veo is in direct competition with OpenAI’s Sora tool.

Google Veo: turn your queries into ultra-realistic videos

The first demonstrations of Veo’s possibilities were made during this Google conference. We managed to discover some videos created from text prompts, and in particular cinematic images of human characters.

Unlike Sora, who is limited to one-minute videos Veo allows you to create content that exceeds sixty seconds. It is also possible to associate an image or photo with the request to contextualize the output video.

By adding an image to the order, the user can add “ Allows Veo to create a video that follows the style of the image » explained Google.

The Mountain View firm wants to revolutionize audiovisual creation, especially in the world of cinema, with its new advances in generative video. He contacted Hollywood studios for possible collaborations.

How can I test Veo before anyone else?

Following the conference, Google launched a “private beta” that allowed it to test the AI’s potential. The tool is integrated into the package VideoFXArtificial Intelligence Test KitchenMountain View company’s laboratory that allows testing of all artificial intelligence solutions being developed at its subsidiary DeepMind

So Veo isn’t exactly the ultimate tool, but rather the name of the AI ​​at the heart of Google’s future productive video solutions.

Two things should be noted about this testing phase. It is currently available in several countries including France is not a party. Moreover, not public. You’ll need to sign up for a waitlist and then wait until you receive a possible invitation from Google.

We can easily overcome the first limitation. All you have to do is use a VPN and connect to a server located in the United States. As for the waiting list, it seems to be geared more towards creative profiles. If you’ve worked on video projects before, Google allows you to post links to your work to maximize your chances of selection.

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In summary:

You will need to fill out a Google Docs form. To maximize your chances, don’t forget to provide a URL to your portfolio, social networks, or website if you have a creative profile. The choice shouldn’t be too narrow as Google looks for maximum feedback to improve its model quickly.