ChatGPT announces long-awaited feature for premium users

The advancement of artificial intelligence drastically revolutionized the way various internet functionalities were used, shaping an increasingly dynamic and personalized digital landscape.

As this technology has evolved, its applications have become increasingly evident, leaving a profound mark on the way we interact, consume information and even how we communicate online.

One of the areas most impacted by this revolution is the production of digital content. Previously, creating texts, images and videos requires significant human effort, consuming time and resources.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, language algorithms such as GPT-3 and its successors have become capable of generating high-quality texts in an automated way, accelerating the production of content for websites, blogs and social networks.

This not only saved time, but also democratized access to content creation, allowing even small entrepreneurs and independent creators to compete in an increasingly saturated digital market.

AI and image creation

In image creation we have DALL·E AI, developed by OpenAI, which is a fascinating example of the application of artificial intelligence in creating wonderful screens.

This AI uses a technique known as deep learning, more specifically the GPT-3 architecture, to generate images from textual scopes.

The name DALL E is a tribute to the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali and the character Ellie from the film “Up – Altas Aventuras”. What makes DALL·E so impressive is its ability to understand and interpret text to create corresponding images.

Users can provide text requests such as: a pink elephant with butterfly wings or a castle made of sandwiches, and the AI ​​will try to generate an image that matches these constraints.

It does this by training on large text and image datasets, which allows it to learn associations between words and visual concepts.

Chat GPT and Dall-E

In October, OpenAI is set to launch an exciting integration that promises to further revolutionize its AI platform. intelligence artificial.

Image: Olhar Digital/Reproduction

Now, with the addition of DALL·E to GPT Chat, OpenAI is uniting the power of text generation with image creation, creating a synergy that promises to significantly elevate the creative and functional possibilities of this tool.

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Chat GPT has already been widely recognized as a wonderful text authoring tool, capable of generating high-quality written content and helping with a variety of tasks, from essay even assistance in solving complex problems.

However, a notable limitation was the inability to create images directly. With the integration of DALL·E, this limitation is about to be overcome. Users will now have the ability to provide provided text and get corresponding images taken by AI.

This opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities, allowing users to visualize their ideas and concepts quickly and effectively.

It’s important to note that while this integration is an exciting addition, it will only be available on the paid version of the platform. OpenAI.

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