Shocking revelations: ‘GTA 5’ source code leaks with game secrets

On Christmas Eve, the video game universe was shaken by a significant leak of the source code for ‘GTA 5’.

Such an incident, which includes confidential information from Rockstar Gamesrepresents yet another security challenge for the company this year.

The leak, identified as a 4 GB file, mainly contains game code. It is not confirmed whether the complete 200 GB code was compromised, but the available fragment already makes it possible to rebuild and operate the game.

‘GTA 5’ has leaked information – Image: RockstarINTEL/Reproduction

Impact beyond ‘GTA 5’

The leaked file is not limited to ‘GTA 5’, as it also covers materials from the highly anticipated ‘Bully 2’, segments from ‘GTA 6’ and content from discarded DLCs.

These revelations carry serious risks, because hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the code, with the possibility of inserting malicious code into players’ systems.

Fan disappointment with canceled DLCs

The release of these files also brought to light secrets about the game’s development, such as the cancellation of eight DLCs planned for the campaign.

The news was particularly disheartening for fans, who pondered the potential of unrealized expansions to enrich the already legendary ‘GTA 5‘.

The expansions included a variety of elements, from new missions and plots to new characters and scenarios.

The @morsmutual Twitter account released a list of the names of unreleased expansions, check out what they are:

  • Manhunt

  • Norman

  • Relationship

  • Enterprise

  • Prologue

  • Assassination

  • Agent Trevor

  • Liberty City

Consequences of the leak during the holidays

The leak, which occurred during the festive period, complicated Rockstar’s response due to the absence of many developers.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that details of ‘Bully 2’ and the ‘DLCs’ have been exposed — another leak in November had already revealed some of these discarded plans.

Additionally, Rockstar faced a cyber attack that showed almost an hour of gameplay from the anticipated ‘GTA 6’, forcing the company to release the official game trailer before the confirmed date.

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