Marvel prepares the ground for the TRAGIC end of an important character for She-Hulk

A Marvel is shaking up the comic book world with a potential twist in the life of She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters.

Readers are getting hints that her superhero boyfriend, the Knave of Hearts, may be facing a dark fate. So let’s explore the details of how Marvel is setting the stage for this possible tragedy.

The relationship between She-Hulk and Jack

The debut issue of “Sensational She-Hulk #1” revealed growing concerns for fans of She-Hulk and her relationship with the Jack of Hearts.

Written by Rainbow Rowell and with art by Andres Genolet, Dee Cunniffe, and Joe Caramagna, this sequel to Rowell’s previous book delves even deeper into the characters’ lives.

Image: Marvel/Reproduction

Readers saw the relationship between She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and Jack (Jack of Hearts) step up in the pages of previous comics.

Jack, a living nuclear reactor, can only touch She-Hulk if he absorbs enough radiation at once. This is a central dilemma in their story.

However, a pivotal event in the previous series allowed Jack to overcome this obstacle, paving the way for a closer relationship.

The indication that something tragic could happen comes from the words of the narrative: “(Jack) has been flying too close to the sun”. This metaphor, reminiscent of the myth of Icarus, suggests that Jack is getting dangerously close to highly risky sources of power.

The series establishes a parallel with similar situations that occurred in other fictional universes. One example is the case of Super manwhose overexposure to the Sun almost killed him, despite the star being his main source of energy.

Jack, who absorbs radiation, is facing similar risks, and this excess exposure can have fatal consequences.

In “Sensational She-Hulk #1”, Jack mentions his concern about not giving Jen’s neighbors radiation poisoning.

Image: Marvel/Reproduction

Although this is presented in a humorous way, it is a valid concern. The ongoing dose of radiation he is absorbing, as indicated at the end of the issue, may be increasing exponentially.

An uncertain future

The relationship between She-Hulk and Jack, which has evolved so much in the previous pages, now faces an uncertain future.

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Jack may be driven to take more and more risks in his quest to maintain the relationship, which could be fatal for him. Furthermore, this overexposure to radiation could put Jennifer Walters’ own life in danger.

Marvel is leaving fans of “The Sensational She-Hulk” in suspense, setting the stage for a possible tragic outcome in the relationship between Jennifer Walters and Jack of Hearts.

The risks associated with overexposure to radiation and proximity to the Sun are casting shadows over the fate of these characters.

How this story will unfold is anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain: readers will be eager to find out what the future holds for She-Hulk and her beloved.