Rumors indicate that Xbox will no longer work with physical media

Xbox, the gaming arm of Microsoftis apparently reconfiguring its approach to physical media, generating speculation and uncertainty among gamers.

The closure of departments dedicated to the distribution of games in physical format is an indication of significant changes behind the scenes at the technology giant.

But, after all, does this mark the definitive end of physical media or is it the prelude to a complete digital revolution?

Is Xbox planning the end of physical media?

The news that the company wants to discontinue departments focused on physical media is not an isolated surprise, but rather part of a larger movement that the games industry has been signaling.

The rise of digital media has been remarkable, with reports indicating that 83% of console revenues and a whopping 99% for PCs came from digital sales in 2023.

Daniel Ahmad, Director of Research and Insights at Niko Partners, said that 80% of the best Xbox games are already in digital format.

Given these numbers, the decision of the Xbox reducing investment in physical media is not only economically understandable, but is in line with a global trend that favors the convenience and practicality of digital versions.

Xbox and PlayStation: an irreversible trend?

Both Xbox and PlayStation have flirted with the idea of ​​no longer producing physical games. Even titles in physical format, when installed on devices, are scanned into the console’s internal memory, using a disc as a key to guarantee the game’s originality.

This practice makes owning physical media less attractive, limiting collectors and the possibility of loans or resale.

In 2023, confidential documents from Xbox were leaked, and what caught attention was that the renders did not have disc readers, fueling speculation of the extinction of physical media in the next releases.

The significant restructuring of Microsoft’s gaming division, which includes the deactivation of departments focused on physical media, is part of a broad layoff process that has affected approximately 1,900 employees.

Such changes indicate a possible change in Microsoft’s approach to the distribution of its games.

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