PS5: PS Plus subscribers will soon be able to stream their games from the cloud

Next month, PS Plus Premium subscribers will have access to a new feature that will allow them to:Access a variety of PlayStation 5 games via cloud streaming. The first list includes important games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West. You can also stream playtests of Hogwarts Legacy, Calisto Protocol, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. DLC and add-ons may also be released.

Sony has been testing cloud delivery of certain games for several months. The Japanese giant recently improved the functionality by allowing you to play your PS5 games in 4K, making it compatible with other similar cloud gaming services.

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Cloud gaming coming to PS Plus Premium users this month

Not only will it stream certain games you’ve purchased from the cloud, but Sony will also offer you some free-to-play games. Sony cites Resident Evil 4, Dead Island 2, Genshin Impact, Fall Guys, and Fortnite among the purchased or free games that PS Plus Premium members can play via the cloud. “Hundreds” of titles already available in the Plus catalog will be distributed from the cloud from launch, although most were first introduced within the last three or four years.

Published games will be supported Definitions ranging from 720p to 4K to 60fps in HDR. Players can also take screenshots and record video clips of up to three minutes. As for audio, streaming from the PS5 cloud has access to: 5.1 and 7 sound.1, the Tempest 3D audio engine was also first introduced with Sony’s newest console in 2020.

PS Plus Premium subscribers are therefore very spoiled, because in addition to streaming games from the cloud, they have recently received another feature: almost a hundred movies can be accessed at no additional cost.

When will you be able to play your PS5 games from the cloud?

Sony plans to roll out this feature in phases, and the planned release dates for each region are listed below:

  • Japan: October 17
  • Europe: October 23
  • North America: October 30

But the notable limitation here would be: Playing cloud games with PS5 games will also require a PlayStation 5 consoleat least at launch. Sony offers streaming on PS4 and also on PC, but console streaming appears to be the priority for now. One of the things that makes streaming so appealing is the ability to play games without needing to buy expensive hardware; Therefore, Sony is expected to quickly expand the list of devices on which PS5 games can be accessed from the cloud.

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Although Sony does have a new “remote player” PlayStation Portal that goes on sale next month. will not have the ability to stream games locally. In contrast, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can stream Xbox series games on mobile devices, computers and the web, as well as on Xbox One consoles.