iOS 17: iPhones reboot by themselves at night and no alarm goes off

If one iPhoneIt may have been difficult waking up this morning. You’re late for the day not because you didn’t get enough sleep, but because the bell didn’t ring. This mishap happened to many users last night without knowing why. In the community social network redditNathan_lesage shares his experience on a topic that has 260 comments at the time of this writing.

By chance, he wakes up to find that his iPhone is on, even though it was on and charging throughout the night.PIN code request screen. He then looks at the battery graph and notices: mobile phone shut down between 3am and 7am before restarting. Statements came quickly stating that the same situation was experienced in many iPhone models: iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15 Pro Max… However, there is a common point.

For no reason, iPhones running iOS 17 shut down and restart overnight

All devices affected by this unexplained nighttime disappearance are running iOS 17. iOS 17.0.3Even if there are people underneath iOS 17.1 beta release They say they experienced the same things. The interval at which the smartphone is turned off and the time at which this occurs vary. Among the unluckiest the alarm did not ring. Another commonality was that all mobile phones charged overnight, but it’s hard to say for sure.

iPhone battery chart

This phenomenon can be explained in several ways. The charging optimization system may have deemed it appropriate to turn the device off and on again so that it does not charge for an unnecessarily long time. Or even if the iOS version number has not changed, there has been a minor update. It’s possible that this is also a bug on Apple’s servers. The incident does not appear to have an absolute impact on mobile usage, except for those who missed the alarm. But we don’t understand what triggers this.

Source : reddit

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