PETA issues warning about animal cruelty in ‘Palworld’

Palworld‘, Pocket Pair’s successful game, has been winning over many players and has sold around 7 million copies on Steam since its recent launch.

Despite this, the game’s triumph is accompanied by a series of controversies that led People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to express serious concerns about the cruelty against the adorable ‘Pals’, virtual animals, present in the game.

‘Palworld’ controversies keep coming up

The gameplay of ‘Palworld’ raises ethical questions, as it involves the capture, use and consumption of virtual animals.

After defeating them, players have the option to use them as helpers on farms and factories, equip them with weapons, sell them or, surprisingly, even eat them.

These aspects caught the attention of PETA, which expressed its concerns about the possibility of players consuming the ‘Pals’.

Elisa Allen, the organization’s vice president of programs, commented on the matter, highlighting that many fans of the game expressed the desire for a vegan guide to ‘Palworld’.

“After all, it is ‘Vegan’, and players want to help animals by eating vegan foods in their game worlds and beyond,” Allen said in an interview with Insider Gaming.

The point is that PETA’s concern is not limited to food alone.

In a publication in Twitterthe organization expressed its disquiet with the game, claiming that ‘Palworld’ makes ‘Team Rocket look like the good guys’, due to allowing acts such as shooting, slaughtering, enslaving and eating the ‘Pals’.

Tweet from PETA criticizing the allowance of cruelty in the game – Image: Twitter/Reproduction

Despite the criticism, ‘Palworld’ continues to attract attention and has already secured its place in the market, surprising even experts in the gaming industry.

Sony, which initially did not participate in the launch, showed interest in bringing the title to the PlayStationwhich could further expand its influence in the gaming world.

The game’s success raises important questions about the ethics of virtual games and the responsibility of developers regarding the impact their creations can have on the public.

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