Nvidia RTX Remix: Download new drivers quickly, lets you add Ray Tracing to any PC game


NVIDIA’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, found in many PC games, has revolutionized in-game graphics rendering. This technique, which has been constantly evolving since its emergence in 2018, Artificial intelligence to improve the fluidity and visual quality of games. DLSS, through its various versions, has proven its effectiveness by doubling performance while reducing energy consumption. Upgrade ability low resolution images rendered in high quality makes it an important tool in its context. RTX Remix.

Also technology Path TrackingA major evolution of ray tracing, RTX Remix is ​​integrated into RTX Remix to deliver the following features: ultra-realistic light rendering. Unlike traditional ray tracing, the latter allows light to bounce around in some way more realistic creates almost tangible reflections and shadows on any object. Although this technology is very resource intensive, it represents a significant advance in creating immersive gaming environments and visually stunning.

nvidia rtxnvidia rtx

You can remaster your old games right now with RTX Remix

The announcement of RTX Remix, demonstrated by NVIDIA two years ago with a ray-traced remastering of “Portal” to showcase the power of RTX 4000 cards, paved the way to showcase the power of RTX 4000 cards. current developments in modding. This initiative demonstrated how advanced technologies can radically transform classic games, paving the way for the expanded possibilities offered by RTX Remix today.

RTX Remix integrated with the ecosystem NVIDIA Omniverse, allowing for impressive transformation of games. Modders can do it now Refine textures with AI, easily replace game assets with high-quality versions and integrate full ray tracing effects. This tool provides a unified approach to remastering games with DirectX 8 and 9 lines, such as “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind”. so we visually transform symbolic titles.

Moderators now have access to: powerful tools packIncluding ray tracing relighting capabilities and AI generative textures. This technology makes it possible to create realistic game scenes and immersive, significantly improving the interaction of light and materials. Additionally, OpenUSD support fosters an efficient workflow between RTX Remix and popular 3D modeling applications such as Blender and Adobe Substance, opening the door to unprecedented creativity in the modding community.

Source : NVIDIA

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