Microsoft unveils design of Xbox dedicated to cloud gaming

Phil Spencer posted a photo of Vault Boy, Fallout’s mascot, lying on a shelf on social media. The Xbox boss cited Bethesda to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. We may also see Logitech’s new portable console, G Cloud. Again, This is not the only factor that compels internet users.

Indeed, a few shelves above, the most attentive players noticed the presence of what it looks like. a new, smaller Xbox console. it is not possibleThis is the first time Spencer has teased an upcoming product before its official launch.. Prior to the release of Microsoft’s current-gen consoles in November 2020, Spencer openly kept the Xbox Series S on its shelf during interviews.

Microsoft confirms it is indeed a new console

An Xbox representative posted a statement to Digital Trends confirming two key details. First of all, the device photographed on Phil Spencer’s shelf is a prototype codenamed Keystone, the Xbox console dedicated to cloud gaming. The latter is very similar to the famous Stream Box we’ve been talking about for a few months.

Againthis will be an old prototype which means the current version of the hardware may not look like this at all. This photo therefore confirms that Microsoft is actively working on a new Xbox console that’s even cheaper and dedicated to streaming, but it’s still unclear how exactly it will look.

Since Microsoft announced the console’s arrival last year, many reports suggested that this device would be a “package”is similar to Google’s Chromecast series. But Microsoft later quickly confirmed that it wanted ” a new approach “destiny” Bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more gamers worldwide in the future The Keystone project may therefore be even more compact today.

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