GTA 5 Serial Killer Easter egg Infinity Killer hints locations

GTA 5 Serial Killer is a particularly dark subplot that runs in the background of the main story, but if you don’t know about it, you might miss it completely. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll discover that Merle Abrahams, also known as the Infinity Killer, is an eerie figure who has terrorized San Andreas and left behind a series of clues. By following these clues around Blaine County, you can learn about his gruesome deeds and track down the final resting places of his victims. It may have nothing to do with the plot of GTA 5, but if you want to embark on a grueling journey of discovery, here are the details of the GTA 5 Serial Killer Easter egg.

Sandy Shores Buildings

1-3: “Suspected Infinity Killer Merle Abrahams died last night awaiting trial at Bolingbroke Prison for kidnapping and torture. 57-year-old Abrahams was suspected of being responsible for the Infinity Murders, a series of disappearances that took place 5 years ago. Police said police were single young men killed while on the run. “He believed that all 8 victims were killed by the same person and had circumstantial evidence linking Mr. Abrahams to the victims. No bodies were found and Abrahams never confessed, but admitted to having a peculiar obsession with the number 8.

On the Cliffs of the Senora Desert

4: Just west of the alien and UFO graffiti area in the Senora Desert, you can find this large set of white rocks with an 8 on them along with a short and extremely spooky rhyme. Reader:

“Someone’s done
the two were fun
The three tried to escape
mother of four
Five not alive
six nix
ate in heaven
8 won’t wait.”

5. If you go a little further south of the previous rock group, you will come across another large group with the number 8 a little further on. Here you will find another short riddle written:

“They want me, they can have
But they’ll never take my people
Even if I leave them enough marks
Where did they put me?

Bolingbroke Prison

The newspaper article indicates that he will leave his next clue there, as he mentions that Merle was imprisoned and died there. Getting into the prison can be a bit of a challenge because as soon as you get inside, there will be a horde of cops on you. Use a helicopter or parachute to crash and then battle to find the beacons.

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Look into the open courtyard where the prisons hang in the fenced area and you will find a series of walls in the middle of the courtyard. You’ll find a note on one of the walls there:

“Where the water meets the earth and the fire is spewed out
There will be forever 8
until I come back”

You can also see another sign just below the clue, which is a more detailed drawing of what was found in the burned building. With this drawing you can clearly see that there is a map of the area north of Paleto Bay. Merle wasn’t as smart as she thought.

Each of the 8 corpses can be found in a group of small islands just north of Paleto Bay, all submerged and wrapped in plastic that lie at the bottom of the ocean. You can’t interact with them in any way, but if a sickly curiosity strikes you, this is where each of the 8 corpses can be found.

body 1

body 2

body 3

body 4

body 5

body 6

body 7

body 8

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