GTA 5: fined €81,000 for developing cheat software

Like all online games, GTA 5, or rather its derivative, GTA Online has to deal with a bunch of tricks that spoil the experience of other players. Rockstar has developed anti-cheat solutions, but these are not always effective against pirated software and some may be overlooked. This last point is part of what makes Infamous so popular with cheaters.

In 2018 the software got so big that Rockstar wanted to address the root cause. After calling, the studio discovers that its creators are all resident in Australia and therefore decides to file a complaint in the country. A new investigation is then launched by the local authorities and the defendants’ homes are searched to find evidence of their involvement. One name stands out: that of Christopher Anderson.

81.000 € for developing cheat software in GTA 5

Christopher Anderson sees many devices in his home confiscated, including laptops, his iPad or iPhone. The defendant also loses access to the PayPal account used to receive payment for the cheating software. After reviewing the case, justice decides that Anderson is guilty of copyright infringement against Take Two.

Indeed, the developer used several pieces of code from GTA 5 to develop its software, allowing its users to reproduce certain contents of the game without permission. A year later, Take-Two and Christopher Anderson agree on a price to be paid: A$130,000 or just over €81,000 in compensation. The developer is doing relatively well: Take-Two takes copyright infringement cases very seriously, as the GTA 6 piracy case showed us.

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